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Judgment No. 3233


The complaint is dismissed.


The complainant contends that she was the victim of discrimination and harassment.

Consideration 6


"An unlawful decision or unsatisfactory conduct is not sufficient in itself to constitute harassment (see Judgment 2861, under 37). The question as to whether or not harassment has occurred must be determined in the light of a careful examination of all the objective circumstances surrounding the events complained of (see Judgment 2553, under 6). There is no need to prove that the perpetrator of the acts in question intended to engage in harassment (see Judgment 2524, under 25), and the Tribunal’s case law has always required that an allegation of harassment must be borne out by specific acts, the burden of proof being on the person who pleads it, it being understood that an accumulation of events over time may be cited in support of such an allegation (see Judgment 2100, under 13)."


Jugement(s) TAOIT: 2100, 2524, 2553, 2861


international civil servant; burden of proof; conduct; flaw; definition; harassment

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