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Judgment No. 3115


The complaint is dismissed.

Consideration 3


The complainant alleges that senior officials misappropriated funds to the detriment of poor countries. "However, in raising that allegation before the Tribunal, she overlooks the fact that the competence of the Tribunal is clearly and exhaustively defined in Article II of its Statute, from which it follows that the Tribunal cannot interfere either with the policies of the international organisations which have recognised its competence, or with the workings of their administrations, unless a violation of the rights of a staff member is in issue. International civil servants seeking to file a complaint with the Tribunal must show that the decisions they are challenging are such as to affect personal interests of theirs which are protected by the rights and safeguards deriving from the applicable Staff Regulations and Rules, or from the terms of their appointments."


ILOAT reference: Article II of the Statute


complaint; competence of tribunal; vested competence; exception; staff member's interest; written rule; iloat statute; staff regulations and rules; breach; provision; contract; staff member's duties; supervisor; organisation's reputation; condition; right; safeguard; official

Judgment keywords


competence of tribunal; complaint dismissed

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