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Judgment No. 1560


The complaint is dismissed.

Consideration 3


"The complainant asks the Organization to say how often it has stopped a competition in order to change the duties of the vacant post and regrade it. There is no need for evidence on that score since the issue is not decisive: if the procedure is lawful it is immaterial how often UNESCO may have followed it before".


submissions; evidence; disclosure of evidence; post classification; competition; competition cancelled; post

Consideration 4


"The complainant had a temporary appointment. The Staff Regulations and Rules distinguish such an appointment both from a permanent and a fixed-term one and from a traineeship and supernumerary employment. It differs in particular from a fixed-term appointment in that it is expected from the outset to be a fairly short stint, with no more than a few brief extensions, whereas the fixed-term appointment is commonly extended and may even afford the basis of a career in the Organization".


Organization rules reference: UNESCO STAFF RULE 104.8
Jugement(s) TAOIT: 444, 1116


staff regulations and rules; career; contract; duration of appointment; fixed-term; successive contracts; short-term; definition; difference

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