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Judgment No. 1460



Consideration 10


"The system of post adjustment is of no relevance to differences in working hours [between the headquarter cities of the common system], being concerned solely with parity of purchasing power, and is not an appropriate means of securing compensation for differences in working hours between duty stations. The system makes no provision for such equalisation of working hours."


headquarters; coordinated organisations; duty station; professional category; salary; post adjustment; working hours

Consideration 11


"The whole time of staff members in the professional and higher categories is at the organization's disposal and they are properly expected to complete the work assigned to them without compensation for any overtime. It is therefore permissible to base their working week on the conditions prevailing at their duty station and to make no adjustment in pay to take account of differences in hours of work within the common system."


duty station; professional category; post adjustment; overtime; working hours; staff member's duties

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