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Judgment No. 1170



Consideration 2


The complainant objects to the refusal to grant him promotion. A circular informed the staff that a promotion board would advise the President on promotions. The Tribunal holds that "the promotion board was bound to apply the criteria laid down in the circular and had no discretion to discard any of them".


organisation's duties; promotion; promotion board; criteria

Consideration 5


The complainant disputes the method for reckoning the output of a certain category of officials. "The method is not a matter for the Promotion Board; else it would find itself revising ratings in staff reports. In point of fact there is nothing discriminatory about the method. [...] Be that as it may, if the complainant objected to the reckoning of his own output the proper course was for him to challenge his staff report and the ratings it contained. He did not do so."


equal treatment; promotion; promotion board; work appraisal; performance report; rating

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