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Judgment No. 4248


1. The ILO shall, in agreement with the complainant, appoint a medical expert with a specialisation in orthopaedic surgery and/or traumatology within thirty days from the public delivery of this judgment. The medical expert shall conduct a medical evaluation for the purpose of determining the percentage of the complainantís permanent loss of function as a result of the injuries that he sustained in the accident of 24 March 2010.
2. The compensation awarded to the complainant by the Tribunal in point 2 of its order in Judgment 3446 shall be calculated by reference to the medical expertís determination of the complainantís permanent loss of function.
3. In the event that the parties do not agree on the appointment of the medical expert, the ILO shall notify the President of the Tribunal, who will then appoint a medical expert by her or his own order and notify the parties accordingly.
4. The medical expertís fees and the costs of the examination, including the complainantís travel costs, shall be paid by the ILO.


The complainant filed an application for execution of Judgment 3446.

Judgment keywords


application for execution; complaint allowed; professional accident; medical examination; invalidity

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