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Judgment No. 3153


The application is dismissed.


The complainant applies for interpretation and execution of Judgment 2861.

Consideration 6


"As the complainant was not reinstated, her employment relationship with WMO ended on 3 November 2006 and with her separation from service, her right to participate in the UNJSPF ended (see Judgments 1338, 1797 and 1904). Further, as also stated in Judgment 2621 under 5, 'had it been its intent the Tribunal would have specifically ordered the payment of an amount equivalent to the pension fund contributions that would otherwise have been paid by the [organisation]'."


ILOAT Judgment(s): 1338, 1797, 1904, 2621, 3061


application for execution; application for interpretation; judgment of the tribunal; case law; organisation's duties; reinstatement; pension; unjspf; contributions

Judgment keywords


application for execution; application for interpretation; pension; unjspf; contributions; complaint dismissed

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