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Judgment No. 2872


The application is dismissed.

Consideration 3


Application for execution of Judgment 2616.
The complainant requested inter alia that the UNJSPF be made a party to the proceeding. The Tribunal rejected that request on the grounds that the UNJSPF is not subject to its jurisdiction.
"In addition to his application for execution of Judgment 2616, the complainant asks that the UNJSPF be added as a co defendant in this proceeding and that it be held jointly responsible with UNESCO for the consequences stemming from the delay in payment of the pension benefits. This request is rejected. The UNJSPF is not subject to the Tribunal's jurisdiction and, therefore, cannot be made a party to this proceeding. As well, even if the Fund were subject to the Tribunal's jurisdiction, the proceeding concerns the execution of a judgment against UNESCO and not the Fund."


ILOAT Judgment(s): 2616


co-defendant; competence of tribunal; iloat statute; unjspf

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