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Judgment No. 2610


1. The IAEA shall pay each of the complainants 500 euros in moral damages.
2. It shall also pay each of them 500 euros in costs.
3. All other claims are dismissed.

Consideration 5


"While it is highly desirable that staff representatives should be allowed to participate in operations to determine their colleagues' remuneration, this can in no way affect the right of each staff member to avail himself or herself of the means of redress which are open to him or her and which constitute a fundamental safeguard for international civil servants. The ICSC is therefore mistaken in believing that it can rely on the theory of estoppel vis--vis the complainants by arguing that staff representatives are supposed to act on behalf of all the members of the personnel and that 'their actions should be considered as legally attributable to each and every one of the staff they represent'."


icsc decision; receivability of the complaint; internal appeal; right of appeal; general principle; salary; scale; adjustment; staff representative; safeguard; official

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