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Judgment No. 2583


1. The impugned decisions are set aside.
2. The case is referred back to the Organization for the measures prescribed under 17 above to be implemented.
3. The applications to intervene are allowed insofar as the factual and legal position of the interveners is identical to that of one of the complainants.
4. WIPO shall pay the complainants the overall sum of 5,000 Swiss francs in costs.

Consideration 7


"[A]ccording to precedent (see for example Judgments 1330 and 2204), staff members have an obvious interest in ascertaining the value of their pension rights as soon as possible, even if they are still serving: the receivability of their action does not depend on proving actual and certain injury, but on their having an interest in obtaining recognition of their future rights, regardless of whether their pleadings are well founded."


ILOAT Judgment(s): 1330, 2204


injury; receivability of the complaint; amount; case law; staff member's interest; pension entitlements; condition; consequence; subsidiary

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