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Judgment No. 2363


The complaint is dismissed.

Consideration 9


The complainant's application for a post was unsuccessful. "While the complainant is undoubtedly technically qualified for the coveted post, and was found to be so in the two competitions in which she was unsuccessful, she was also, in both cases, found by two separate Selection Committees not to be the most qualified. Although the complainant clearly has a high view of her own merits, the fact that that view is not universally shared by others, whose honesty and good faith the complainant has not been successful in impugning, does not mean that the complainant has been unfairly treated or that she has been denied a promotion which should rightfully have been hers."


competence; lack of evidence; equal treatment; good faith; breach; promotion; competition; candidate; selection board; post; qualifications; advisory opinion; difference; refusal; right

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