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Judgment No. 195


The decision of the Director-General dated 25 February 1971 is quashed and it is ordered that the Organization pay to the complainant,
1. in accordance with the recommendation of the headquarters Board of Appeal on 8 February 1971, any arrears of emoluments due under the contract which expired on 28 February 1970; and
2. twenty thousand United States dollars (US$20,000).



The complainant's appointment was not renewed because the government concerned did not favour his return to the regional office. There is evidence of strong and unjustifiable prejudice against the complainant. The organization failed in its duty to bring to the attention of the government concerned all relevant matters of the case. The complainant is awarded an indemnity of US $20,000 for moral and material damage.


complaint allowed; material injury; moral injury; decision quashed; damages; contract; fixed-term; non-renewal of contract; persona non grata; bias

Consideration 5


In the instant case "the moral damage consists of the injury done to [the complainant's] reputation and which flows from the unjustifiable prejudice" of a senior official.


moral injury; bias

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