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Judgment No. 1806


1. The Director-General's decision of 31 October 1997 is set aside insofar as he refused to pay the complainant moral damages and costs.
2. The WHO shall pay her 5,000 United States dollars in moral damages.
3. It shall pay her 2,500 dollars in costs.
4. All her other claims are dismissed.

Considerations 15-17


The Tribunal does not support the practice of the organization of not letting employees in the personnel unit hold office on the Staff Committee in order to avoid any risk of conflict of interest. The decision to offer the complainant a post in the personnel unit should never have been attached to the condition of resigning as president of the Staff Association. "It is important both to protect the right of association and to maintain a staff association's independence."


organisation's duties; practice; post; offer; staff union; freedom of association; staff union activity; staff representative; condition

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