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Russian Federation - Minimum Wages - 2011


19 April 2011


Name of Act

Constitution of the Russian Federation, 1993

Name of Act

Labour Code, Labour Code of the Russian Federation of 31 December 2001 (Federal Law No. 197-FZ of 2001) Sobranie Zakonodatel’stva, 2002-01-07, No. 1, pp. 236-387, as amended up to 29 December 2010 (latest version available in Russian; English version of 2001)

Name of Act

Federal Act on the Minimum Wage, No. 82-FZ
of 7 June 2000, as amended to 24 July 2009



Government decides after consultation of the social partners

The federal government establishes a national minimum wage rate by federal law. The Labour Code does not set forth the consultation process to be followed before the government sets or adjusts minimum wage rates, however, it provides for social partnership, involving mutual consultations on the regulation of labour relations.
Labour Code §27, 133

Government decides after tripartite or bipartite body discussions/recommendations

Regional minimum wages are set following consideration of the opinion of the Regional Tripartite Commissions of the Regulation of Labour and Social Relations, provided that they are not lower than the federal standard.
Labour Code §133.1

Minimum wage set through decentralized collective bargaining

Wages may be determined by collective agreement, on the condition that they are more favourable than the national minimum wage rate determined by the government.
Labour Code §41


Cost of living

The national minimum wage cannot be lower than the cost of living of an able-bodied person.
Labour Code §133



The national minimum wage applies to employees in both private and publicly funded organizations.
Constitution of the Russian Federation, 1993 §37
Labour Code §129
Federal Act on the Minimum Wage §2

Specific minimum wage rates

» Specific minimum wage by sector


» Specific minimum wage by region

At a regional level a minimum wage rate may be established by a regional agreement. In the event such an agreement is adopted, it becomes mandatory for all employers of that region.
Labour Code §133.1

» Minimum wage levels for specific categories of workers

The national statutory minimum wage applies to all workers.


Minimum wage level(s) in national currency

National statutory minimum monthly wage:
1) Since 1 January 2009: 4,330 rubles per month.
2) 1 September 2007 - 31 December 2008: 2,300 rubles per month
Federal Act on the Minimum Wage §1

Last minimum wage update

1 January 2009
Federal Act on the Minimum Wage §1

In-kind allowances

All wages must be paid in Russian currency unless the employee requests in writing that they are paid in kind. The amount paid in kind may not exceed 20% of the total wages.
Labour Code §131

Rate of payment

» Monthly

Labour Code §129

Scheduled frequency of adjustment

The legislation does not set forth how frequently the national minimum wage should be adjusted.

Enforcement mechanisms

Labour inspection

Labour inspectors and trade unions are responsible for ensuring that the provisions of the Labour Code concerning the national minimum wage and other labour regulations are adhered to. Inspectors may enter workplaces and inspect the records and documents necessary to ensure compliance.
Labour Code §354;357, 370

Other penalties

The Labour Code does not set forth the penalties to be applied in the event that employees are not paid the national minimum wage rate. State Labour Inspectors may charge employers with binding directives in order to eliminate infringements of the Labour Code, carry out disciplinary measures and refer cases to the relevant court.
Labour Code §357

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