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Qatar - Minimum Wages - 2011


16 September 2011
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Name of Act

Law No. 14 of the Year 2004 issuing the Labour Law of Qatar
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Other source used

Human Rights Report 2011 of Qatar, of the U.S. Department of State



Any natural person who works in return for a wage for an employer or under his control or supervision.
Labour Law Art.1


Any natural or legal person employing one or more workers in return for a wage.
Labour Law Art.1


"Basic wage" shall mean the rate of payment for the work done by the worker in a certain period of time or on the basis of piece or production and includes periodic increment.

"Wage" is the basic wage plus all increments allowances and bonuses paid to the worker in return for or in respect of work of whatever kind and means of calculation.
Labour Law Art.1



In-kind allowances

The wages and other sums to which the worker is entitled shall be paid in the Qatari currency.
The worker shall not be obligated to purchase foodstuff or other commodities from certain places or from the products of the employer.
Labour Law Art.66,69

Rate of payment

» Monthly

The wages of the workers employed on an annual or monthly wages shall be paid at least once in every month.
Labour Law Art.66

» Other

The wages of all other workers not employed on an annual or monthly wages shall be paid once at least every two weeks.
Labour Law Art.66

Enforcement mechanisms

Labour inspection

Labour inspectors may carry out inspections in order to ensure compliance with labour legislation.
Labour Law Art.135

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