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Lebanon - Minimum Wages - 2011


25 May 2011


Name of Act

Decree No.3273 on Labour Inspection, of 26 June 2000.

Name of Act

Labour Code, dated 23 September 1946 (Al-jarida al-rasmiya, 1946) as amended. Publication of 2010.
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Name of Act

Decree No. 500 of 14 October 2008 fixing the official minimum pay rate for workers and employees of the private sector and granting and increase for the higher cost of living, Argus of Lebanese Legislation. Publication of 2010.

Name of Act

Decree No. 501 of 14 October 2008 Modifying the daily allowance for transport granted to employees and workmen subject to the Labour Code. (Publication of 2010).

Other source used

Lebanon Country Profile 2010 publication of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lebanon.

Other source used

Human Rights Report Lebanon 2010 of the U.S. Department of State.



Means any man, woman or adolescent who works for consideration of a wage or salary in an employer’s premises, in accordance with an individual or group contract, written or oral. A worker may be either a salary-earner(employee who performs a desk job or a non manual job) or a wage-earner (all the other employees).
Labour Code Art.3


Means any person, natural or juridical, who in an industrial, trading or agricultural enterprise employs a worker in some capacity against wage or salary, even if this wage or salary is paid in kind or in profit-sharing.
Labour Code Art.1

Minimum wage

Minimum wage is the minimum rate of payment that the employer shall pay to any employee.
Labour Code Art.44



Government decides after tripartite or bipartite body discussions/recommendations

The national minimum wage rate is fixed by the government in accordance with the report made by the tripartite Commission on the Cost of Living Index. The Commission on the Cost of Living Index is composed of two representatves each of the government, the workers and the employers.
Labour Code Art.45

Minimum wage set through decentralized collective bargaining

Wage levels fixed by collective agreement may in no event be less than the official minimum wage rate set by the government.
Labour Code Art.44


Needs of workers and their families

Yes. The minimum pay must be sufficient to meet the essential needs of the wage earner or salary earner and his family.
Labour Code Art.44

Cost of living

Yes.The increases for the higher cost of living shall be considered when fixing the minimum wage rate.
Decree No. 500 of 14 October 2008 Art.2



The minimum wage applies to all workers, both salary and wage-earners, of at least 20 years of age in both the public and private sector other than those specifically excluded.

The provisions of the last minimum wage Decree of 2008 shall be applicable to all employers and workers subject to the provisions of the Labour Code.
Labour Code Art.7, 8
Decree No. 500 of 14 October 2008 Art.4

Excluded categories

» Workers

Domestic servants, workers in agricultural corporations not connected to trade and industry, workers in family businesses employing solely family members, workers younger than 20 years of age, and casual or temporary workers in public administration are excluded.
Labour Code §7, 8


Minimum wage level(s) in national currency

500,000.00 Lebanese pounds per month.
Decree No. 500 of 14 October 2008 §1

Last minimum wage update

Decree No. 500 of 14 October 2008 §1

In-kind allowances

Yes - wages may be paid in legal currency or in kind.
Labour Code Art.47

Rate of payment

» Daily

Yes. If the wage earner so requires, the book may mention his daily, weekly or monthly wage or salary.
Labour Code Art.14

» Weekly

Yes. If the wage earner so requires, the book may mention his daily, weekly or monthly wage or salary.
Labour Code Art.14

» Monthly

Yes. If the wage earner so requires, the book may mention his daily, weekly or monthly wage or salary.
Salaries are to be paid at least once a month to employees and twice a month to workers.
Labour Code Art.14, 47
Decree No. 500 of 14 October 2008 Art.1

» Other

For all piece piece work the execution of which is to last more than 15 clear days, the date of payment may be fixed by mutual agreement, but the worker must receive down payments on account every 15 days and be fully paid within the fortnight following delivery of the piece work.
Labour Code Art.47

Specific provisions

Payments is to be effected on work days and in the work premises.
Labour Code Art.47

Scheduled frequency of adjustment

There is no specific time-period for adjustment provided in the legislation. Instead, minimum wage rates are adjusted whenever the economic situation renders a review necessary.
Labour Code Art.46

Enforcement mechanisms

Labour inspection

The labour inspection service ensures that the Labour Code is adhered to as well as to see to the execution of the Decrees.
Decree No.3273 on Labour Inspection Art.6
Labour Code Art.20

Other penalties

Disputes concerning the payment of minimum wages are settled by the Arbitration Board. The Board also determines the relevant penalties to be applied.
Labour Code §79

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