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Jordan - Minimum Wages - 2011


9 May 2011


Name of Act

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Name of Act

The Regulation of Labour Inspectors, Regulation No.(56) of the year 1996.

Name of Act

Decision Issued By the Comittee of Minimum Wages Determination of 2006

Name of Act

Minimum Wage Decision as of January 2009

Other source used

Human Rights Report 2010 of Jordan of the U.S. Department of State

Other source used

Pay Equity in Jordan. Report of the ILO of 2010



Every, male or female, who performs a job against wages and is a subordinate to the employer and at his service. This covers the juveniles and those under probation or rehabilitation.
Labour Code Art.2


Every natural person or corporate body that employs, in any capacity whatsoever, a person or more against wages.
Labour Code Art.2


All cash or in-kind entitlements of the employee against his work in addition to all other entitlements of whatever type, provided for by the law, work contract or by law or; it has become the practice to pay except the wages payable for overtime work.
Labour Code Art.2

Minimum wage

The minimum limit of wages that the employer shall pay to the employee.
Decision on minimum wages 2006 Second.



Procedure in general

A Tripartite Committee shall be responsible for fixing minimum remuneration either generally or for a particular area, occupation or age category. The decisions of the Committee shall be taken unanimously and if no posible, the matter shall be refered to the Minister who shall submit it to the Council of Ministers for appropriate decision.
Labour Code Art.52(A)(B)


Cost of living

In order to fix the minimum wage, the Tripartite Comittee shall take into account the cost of living indices issued by the competent authorities.
Labour Code Art.52



The minimum wage legislation applies to all workers covered by the provisions of the Labour Law.

The provisions of the Labour Law shall be applied on all employees and employers with the exception of the following; public and municipalities employees, family members of the employer who work in his/ her business for no wage, agricultural workers except those who are subjected to any of the provisions of this law.
Decision on minimum wages 2006 Third
Labour Code Art.3

Specific minimum wage rates

» Specific minimum wage by occupation

A minimum wage for specific occupation may be established by the Tripartite Comittee.
Labour Code Art.52

» Specific minimum wage by region

A minimum wage for specific area may be established by the Tripartite Comittee.
Labour Code Art.52

» Minimum wage levels for specific categories of workers

A minimum wage for specific age category may be established by the Tripartite Comittee.

Domestic workers continue to be govered by Decision on Minimum Wages 2006.
Labour Code Art.52
Decision on minimum wages 2006


Minimum wage level(s) in national currency

150$JD per month.
Minimum Wage Decision 2009
Pay Equity in Jordan. Report of the ILO of 2010

Last minimum wage update

1st January 2009
Minimum Wage Decision 2009
Pay Equity in Jordan. Report of the ILO of 2010

In-kind allowances

All entitlements in kind are permitted as wage.
Labour Code Art.2

Rate of payment

» Daily

Yes. Calculation of the minimum limit of wages for laborers who work by day, by week, by hour or by any other duration is carry out through dividing the minimum limit of the monthly wage by 30 days.
Decision on minimum wages 2006 Fourth.

» Monthly

Decision on minimum wages 2006 First.

Enforcement mechanisms

Labour inspection

In order to verifying the implementation of legal provisions related to work conditions and protecting the workers during their work, an authorized labour inspector may carry out inspections.
The Regulation of Labour Inspectors Art.3, art.5

Fines in national currency for non-respect of legislation

The employer or his representative shall be punished by a fine not less than 50$JDs and not exceeding 200 $JDs for each case in which he pays an employee a wage less than the decided minimum for wages in addition to deciding that the employee shall be given the wage difference, the penalty shall be aggravated in case the contravention was recurred.
Labour Code Art.53

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