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Guinea - Minimum Wages - 2011


02 December 2011.


Name of Act

Ordonnance n. 003/PRG/SGG/ 88 du 28 Janvier 1988 Portant Institution du Code du Travail de la Republique de Guinee.

Name of Act

United States Department of State - Human Rights Report 2011.



Remuneration is the basic salary and all other advantages and accessories paid directly or indirectly, in cash or in kind, by the employer to the worker in view of the employment of the latter.
Labour Code §206(2)



Procedure in general

Every worker is entitled to a minimum wage. The hourly minimum wage shall be determined by a decree.
The minimum wage, statutory or resulting from a collective agreement more favourable, shall be displayed in the same places as the interior regulations and the staff payment places.
Labour Code §211


Specific minimum wage rates

» Minimum wage levels for specific categories of workers

» Piece-rate workers

The remuneration to piece-rate or task workers shall be calculated in such way that it provides an average capacity, working normally, a salary at least equal to that of a worker paid by time, performing a similar work.
Labour Code §210


Minimum wage level(s) in national currency

There is still no statutory minimum wage (hourly rate which is forseen in Labour Code) in the Republic of Guinea.
Human Rights Report p. 30, 32

In-kind allowances

The payment of the salary, in whole or in part, on alcohol or drugs is forbidden. Once the salary is paid partially in kind, the in kind benefits shall serve the personal use of the work and her/his family and shall be according to her/his interest; the value attributed to these benefits shal be fair and reasonable.
Labour Code §206(2)

Rate of payment

» Hourly

The hourly minimum wage shall be determined by a decree.
Labour Code §211(1)

Enforcement mechanisms

Fines in national currency for non-respect of legislation

Infractions shall be punished with a fine of 30.000 to 300.000 Guinean Francs and, in case of repetead violation, from 60.000 to 600.000 Guinean Francs, those who violate articles 206 (§1 and §2), 211, 213, 214, 215, 217(§2).
Labour Code §236

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