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Djibouti - Minimum Wages - 2011


Name of Act

Labour Code, Act n. 133/AN/05, 28 January 2006.



In the sense of the present Labour Code, the word "wage" means the basic treatment and any other benefits, paid directly or indirectly, en spece or in kind, by an employer to the worker for the reason of employment of the latter.
The wage established in an employment contract shall be the result of enterprise agreements, collective agreements, or, in the lack of these, an agreement between the parts.
Labour Code, Act n. 133/AN/05, 28 January 2006. §136


Enforcement mechanisms

Fines in national currency for non-respect of legislation

Those who violate arts. 87, 94, 96, 125 and 137 shall receive a fine from five hundred thousands Francs (500 000 FD) to a million Francs (1 000 000 FD), and in case of repeated violation, 15 days of emprisionement and a double of the fine, or only one of these two penalties.
Labour Code, Act n. 133/AN/05, 28 January 2006. §289 c)
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