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Sam Eagle


Abandonment ID: 00435
Nom du navire:Sam Eagle
No. OMI (7 chiffres):9559676
Port d'abandon:Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Date d'abandon:2 avril 2020
Date de notification:28 avril 2020
Gouvernement ou entité rapportante:Gouv. de Libéria (Liberian Registry)
Nombre de marins:20
Nationalités:Philippines(16); Ukraine(4)
Circonstances:The Streamship Mutual P&I Club (20 Feb 2020 - 20 Feb 2021)

The crew members are reported to have not been paid since February 2020.
Actions entreprises:2 avril 2020: L'Etat du Pavillon à été informé

14 avril 2020: Autres
The Liberian Administration received an information from shipowner and the bank that the ship is under arrest and that the bank is taking over the vessel, including payment of seafarer wages, provisions, fuel and repatriation.

16 avril 2020: Autres
The Liberian Administration received a response from P&I that they are ready to respond to any liability to support the seafarers.
Paiement des salaires:31 mars 2020: En attente de paiement
USD 85,000 to the end of March 2020
Commentaires et observations:Gouv. de Libéria (27 juillet 2020)
On 17 July 2020 by virtue of an order from an arresting Court, a judicial sale of the vessel occurred, with new shipowner taking over the possession, with seafarers wages paid as proceeds to the sale. Seafarer repatriation arrangements delayed due to COVID-19, but will proceed as soon as a new crew are in place.

Saisie: vendredi - 15 mai 2020 a 13:35:00
Dernière mise à jour: mardi - 28 juillet 2020 a 09:54:46
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