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Abandonment ID: 00421
Nom du navire:Celanova
No. OMI (7 chiffres):9268394
Port d'abandon:Manila bay, Philippines
Date d'abandon:2 février 2020
Date de notification:26 février 2020
Gouvernement ou entité rapportante:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF)
Nombre de marins:15
Nationalités:Cuba (13); Espagne(2)
Circonstances:P&I Insurer: American Club (20 Feb 2019 - 20 Feb 2020)

There is urgency in evacuating the crew as the ship is loaded with dangerous cargo (LPG).
There is not enough bunkering to keep the cargo refrigerated.
Crew requires to get the pending wages (since Octorber 2019) and repatriation ASAP.
Actions entreprises:21 février 2020: L'Etat du Pavillon à été informé

14 mai 2020: Autres
The ILO sent an intervention letter to the authorities of the Philippines (Port State) and of Spain (Flag State) at the request of ITF.

Taking into account the approaching typhoon season, and the increased risk of an incident endangering both the safety of the crew and of marine traffic, the ILO requested the Government of Philippines to adopt all necessary measures without delay, in cooperation with the Spanish authorities, to authorize the berthing of the vessel, address the urgent needs of the crew and facilitate the repatriation of the seafarers on board the MV Celanova.

Provisions fournies
Monitoring and supervision since 13 February 2020 by the Spanish Maritime Administration, after receiving communication from the Philippine mamritime authorities.
Communications have been maintained with the ship's owner and instructoins have been given to solve the situation of the ship by providing food and fuel.
A Flag State surveyor was on board from 27 February to 2 March 2020 to check the real situation of the vessel.
Commentaires et observations:Gouv. de Espagne (14 avril 2020)
let me know you the information we have got from our colleagues in the Spanish Maritime Administration:
- The situation of the vessel CELANOVA is monitored continuously. A daily contact is kept with the crew vessel CELANOVA.
- The Spanish Maritime Administration is focused on the crew members repatriation and works together with all stakeholders (ITF, MLC Insurance Company, etc.) to speed up such process.

Gouv. de Espagne (17 avril 2020)
Govt. of Spain asks Govt. of Philippines to consider the possibility of allowing the ship to
be docked in a safe port of the Philippines.

Following our last communications regarding the situation of the vessel CELANOVA, please find attached a letter addressed by our Director General of the Merchant Marine to the Maritime Industry Authority of the Philippines (MARINA).
Please also note, our dear colleague Sonia B. Malaluan from the Embassy of the Philippines in London is already aware of this letter.
Best regards.

Gouv. de Philippines (21 avril 2020)
The Government of Philipppines requested information on the plans of the Government of Spain with regards to the repatriation of the crew members.
Likewise, they informed the Embassy of Spain that they have no issue with allowing the vessel to move closer to shore as requested by its Captain for safety reasons.

Autre (25 avril 2020)
From the Master (Rolando Garcia Alarcon)

They have many serious technical deficiencies including anchor chain, which could cause a big problem.
They declared that they could not be considered responsible of any accident that might happen involving the vessel as the consequence of the deficiencies and facts reported to both - port and flag - authorities.

Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (8 mai 2020)
From ITF coordinator (Luz Baz).

The captain requested the authorisation for the ship to berth, based on humanitarian and safety reasons (no rudder, no bunker, no lights, deficient chains and anchors, garbage on deck with potential fire....)
However, the Filipino authorities answer that they will allow the ship to berth JUST IF A TUG BOAT IS PROVIDED ALONGSIDE THE SHIP IN STAND BY WHILE SHE IS MOORED, and mention nothing about who to pay the tug's service.

Gouv. de Philippines (20 mai 2020)
The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) briefed on the actions taken to address the case as below.

As of 17 May 2020, the vessel had been transferred to outer anchorage of the
breakwater area of the Manila Bay with coordinates Lat: 14.55947 14 degree
33.568 and Long: 129.95872 120 degree 57.523.
a. Repatriation of the crew by the flag State, Spain which is conditioned on putting
the vessel at berth.
b. The transfer and the provision of food, water, fuel and other basic services by
Harbor Star would entail costs which the owner refused to shoulder.

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