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Abo Alyssa


Abandonment ID: 00394
Ship name:Abo Alyssa
7-digit IMO no.:7724019
Port of abandonment:Nemrut, Turkey
Abandonment date:26 March 2019
Notification date:17 June 2019
Reporting Member Govt. or Org.:ITF
No. of Seafarers:10
Nationalities:Germany(1); Egypt(1); India(5); Syrian Arab Republic(3)
Circumstances:Crew have complained that they have not been paid for up to six months. The vessel has been banned from EU ports by Italian PSC and is currently at anchorage while issues are being resolved.
Actions taken:10 June 2019: Flag State informed
Repatriation status:17 June 2019: Repatriation pending
All crew require repatriation. Contracts are expired.
Comments and Observations:ITF (17 June 2019)
Crewmembers have reported falsification of certificates, demands for payment in return for training, wages paid only in cash or not at all, no access to shore leave, inadequate safety equipment and falsified work and rest hours.
Reports suggest that local authorities are more interested in removing the vessel from the area than assisting abandoned crew as the vessel is seen to present a risk to other vessels in the area.

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