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NATLEX records

NATLEX contains over 80,000 references to labour and social legislation from 196 countries and territories (including the European Union). Each legal text is normally registered once. NATLEX records are written in the language of official correspondence of the country in question with the ILO (English, French, or Spanish). Each NATLEX record contains the title of the law, relevant bibliographic information (sometimes from multiple sources, including electronic sources), an abstract, the date of the text, related laws, and, where possible, a link to the full text of the law, either through a link to an outside website, or through a link to a text stored in NATLEX. Each NATLEX record is also assigned one or more subject classifications and keywords.

NATLEX is continuously updated through a network of collaborators and editors. Nevertheless, we continue to face challenges in receiving legal information in a complete and timely manner from a number of countries. There can therefore be some inaccuracies in the information in NATLEX. NATLEX is intended to serve as a guide to national labour legislation, and does not pretend to be an exhaustive or authoritative source of legal information. Records in NATLEX or links to electronic texts do not substitute consulting the authoritative text or seeking competent legal counsel.

Users are encouraged to report errors and omissions in NATLEX to

Browsing by country

Select the country you wish to browse. The numbers in parentheses after the country name indicate how many records there are in NATLEX for the particular country. In the right hand screen a subject guide will appear, based on the subject classifications in NATLEX, which correspond to the subjects covered by international labour standards. A record may appear under several subject headings. To list all laws for a country, use the Advanced Search screen and select the country. Then sort the results by date or by subject.

Browsing by subject

Select a subject. The right hand screen will list countries for which texts classified by the subject in question have been found. To find all records on one topic, use the Advanced Search screen.

Advanced searching

The advanced search screen allows searching by various criteria. It also allows users to search only records to which there is a full text attached, and to sort the results by date, subject or by country.

The search in title function allows for full-text searching in a record title. To locate a specific law, it is often best to search for specific text numbers (such as Law 25) which might be specific to a particular law. Please keep in mind that in many cases the title of the law has been translated. Specific text can also be normally found by searching in by the exact date of the text, or by searching a country and by the year of the text.

Some tips for searching by fields:

Keywords: select one or more keywords from the thesaurus list. You can choose to search all or any of the keywords selected.

Words in title: standard Boolean queries which are possible are:

occupational AND health

occupational AND health NOT underground

disease OR accident

child* [searches child or children or child's]

(occupational AND health) OR (occupational AND disease)

Phrase searching is possible by putting words in quotation marks (e.g. "child labour").

Complex queries

For more complex queries, please send your request to INFONORM.


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Last updated: Thursday - 2nd February 2023