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Prestations d'accident du travail ou de maladie professionnelle
Workmen's Compensation (Accident and Occupational Disease) Return Regulations (Cap. 40.72.1).
Revised Edition 2008, Tuvalu Legislation, Tuvaluan Government - iLAWS (PDF) (consulté le 2010-12-10)

"Within 7 days of any employer becoming aware of any accident or disease which causes death to any of his workmen or any injury incapacitating such a workman for a period exceeding 3 days from carrying out the work on which he was employed, such employer shall furnish to the Commissioner of Labour a return of such accident or disease, which return shall be complete and accurate in every particular and shall be in the form prescribed in the Schedule." (Section 2)

Texte(s) de base:
1949-07-29 (TUV-1949-R-69548)
Workmen's Compensation Act (Cap. 40.72).


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