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Tchécoslovaquie (ex)
Inspection du travail
Notification of the Czechoslovakia Bureau of Mines respecting the inspection periods for electrical equipments, and the re-examination of inspectors of electrical equipment subject to control by the organs of the state mining administration. No. 60.
Sbirka Zakonu, 1989-05-25, No. 15, pp. 577-579

The length of inspection periods depends on the type of workplace and lasts either one or two years. Safety inspectors are trained and examined in accordance with the type of mining activity. The testing of inspectors is furthermore classified according to the electrical equipment which they are supposed to control. The examination is both oral and written and its content is laid down in s.3. Inspectors have to undergo re-examination every 3 years..
Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1989-07-01


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