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Trabajadores con responsabilidades familiares
Government Resolution Adopting the National Programme on Support of Family Living Power (No. 93 of 2000).
Turiin Medeelel, 2000, No. 29(166), pp. 528-539

Adopts the National Programme on Support of Family Living Power and sets up the national and municipal Committees on Support of Family Living Power headed by the Prime Minister and Governors respectively. The objective of the National Program is to improve and upgrade the living standards of the worst-off families and to prevent spread of poverty. The Programme prescribes a set of measures to alleviate family poverty, inter alia, improvement of medical services, greater access to education, better use of knowledge and and experience of the elderly, creation of job places, promotion of individual small businesses and protection of the environment.
Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2000-06-21


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