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Sri Lanka
Asistencia y servicios sociales
Wariyaplola Rajamaha Vihara Development Foundation (Incorporation) Act, No. 2 of 2010.
Legislation on-line, Government Printer,, Sri Lanka (PDF) (Consultado el 2013-02-14)

Establishes the Wariyapola Rajamaha Vihara Development Foundation. Sets out its objectives, powers, composition and functions. The objectives of the Foundation include, inter alia, assistance to enhance the welfare facilities and benefits for Sri Lankan students who are unable to pursue their education due to poverty and disability; providing housing for the benefit of the poor, elderly, destitute, and those with physical or mental disabilities, inaugurate and maintain language training and vocational training courses in order to deploy the youth in productive services and to provide facilities for the purpose of generating income in order to maintain and continue such training course; implementing programmes for health camps for disease control, exercise, sports and medical aid with a view to ensuring welfare of the community; and creating an awareness in the community in respect of promotion and preservation of literature, art, craft and natural resources and to commence and carry out natural programmes in order to protect the traditions of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka
Asistencia y servicios sociales
Pradeshiya Sabhas Act 1987. No. 15.
Gazette, 1987-04-16, Part II, Supplement, 136 p.

Provides for the establishment of Pradeshiya Sabhas, which are administratives units aimed at facilitating people's effective participation in local government and development functions. Their powers, listed in s. 19, include creating and filling posts, granting pensions, spending funds on maternity and child welfare services, relief activities, etc. Repeals the Town Councils Ordinance and the Village Councils Ordinance.

Sri Lanka
Asistencia y servicios sociales
Municipal Councils (Amendment) Act 1987. No. 19.
Gazette, 1987-04-16, Part II, Supplement, 3 p.

Amends the Municipal Councils Ordinance (Ch. 252), particularly by adding references to the organisation of employment programmes, maternity and child welfare services, relief for the poor, rehabilitation and care of physically, mentally or socially handicapped persons, etc.

Sri Lanka
Asistencia y servicios sociales
Estates Quarters (Special Provisions) Act, (No. 02 of 1971).
Labour Code of Sri Lanka - Consolidated and Updated to 31st December 2009, 2010, Ministry of Labour Relations and Productivity Promotion, Sri Lanka, p. 630
Act on-line in English, Department of Labour, Sri Lanka, 1 p. (PDF) (Consultado el 2009-04-29)

Contains provisions concerning housing of workers on Estates.

Texto(s) vinculado(s):
1889-10-31 (LKA-1889-R-37390)
Estate Labour (Indian) Ordinance (No. 13 of 1889).


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