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Laws on Marine Fisheries (Title 24 of the Liberian Code of Laws).
Act on-line, FAOLEX (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) (PDF) (Consultado el 2010-12-03)

The Law applies to fishing in salt and fresh water. The text consists of 11 sections: Licences for captains or owners of fishing trawlers or sports fishermen (sect. 90); registration of boats for fishing (sect. 91); licence plates for boats for fishing (sect. 92); gear on fishing boats (sect. 93); use of dynamite (sect. 94); placing harmful substances in streams (sect. 95); nets and seines (sect. 96); crabs and lobsters found with eggs (sect. 97); personnel of Bureau of Fisheries on fishing boats (sect. 98); zones of fishing areas (sect. 99); reports by licensed fishermen (sect. 100); penalty for violations (sect. 101).
No fishing in marine or freshwater shall be done without a licence issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenues upon presentation of a certificate of the Bureau of Fisheries of the Department of Agriculture and Commerce and the payment of the fees specified in section 90. All fishing vessels and gear shall be registered with the Bureau of Fisheries. The Bureau of Fisheries may prohibit fishing in any area with any type of gear which it finds harmful to the fish resources of that area (sect. 93). Provisions of section 99 empower the Department of Agriculture and Commerce to divide fishing areas of Liberia into zones and to close fishing areas for purposes of fish protection.