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Brunei Darussalam
Elimination of forced labour
Trafficking and Smuggling of Persons Order, 2004 (No. S 82).
Government Gazette, 2004-12-22, Part II, No. 43, pp. 2651-2662 (PDF)

The Order makes trafficking and smuggling in people an offence and sets the penalties for this as well as the exploitation of a trafficked person or the facilitation of the stay of a smuggled person (sections 4-8). Aggravated people smuggling offences carry a heavier penalty (section 9). The consent of a trafficked person is irrelevant (section 10). The Order also sets out provisions related to travel and identity documents, liability of commercial carriers, attempts, abetment and conspiracy, powers of arrest and investigation, powers of search. It also provides for a Trafficking and Smuggling of Person Fund (section 19) to be used, inter alia, to repatriate smuggled or trafficked person, awareness raising campaigns and rewards for those who prevent or suppress trafficking and smuggling.

Brunei Darussalam
Elimination of forced labour
Women and Girls Protection Act (No. 21 1972) (Cap. 120).
Laws of Brunei Darussalam, Revised Edition 1984 (PDF vol. 1) (PDF vol. 2)
Legislation on-line, Attorney-General's Chambers, Brunei Darussalam (PDF of Act) (consulted on 2012-01-10)

Provides protection for the trafficking and prostitution of women and girls including during trial process.
Date of entry into force: 1973-04-19

Implementing text(s):
2001-05-19 (BRN-2001-M-78242)
Women and Girls Protection (Place of Safety) Rules, 2001.


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