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Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
Employment Rights Act, 2012 (2012-9).
Legislation on-line, Barbados Employers' Confederation, Barbados (PDF of Act) (consulted on 2013-09-24)

Part I - Preliminary
Part II - Administration
Part III - Employment Rights Tribunal
Part IV - Employment Particulars
Part V - Termination of Employment
Part VI - Unfair Dismissal
Part VII - Other Rights
Part VIII - Dispute Settlement Procedure
Part IX - Miscellaneous

Related text(s):
1964-04-01 (BRB-1964-L-51905)
Trade Unions Act (Ch. 361).

Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
Trade Unions Act (Ch. 361).
The Laws of Barbados, Chapter 361 (L.R.O. 361), pp. 3-27
Act on-line, Cariblex, ILO Database of Labour Legislation (PDF) (consulted on 2011-07-05)

Consolidates the law relating to trade unions. Establishes compulsory registration of trade unions. Prohibits actions of tort against trade unions. Establishes that trade unions may purchase and sell land. Establishes regulations concerning inter alia, trade union trustees, trade union accounts and audits, union amalgamation, name changes, the submission of annual returns to the Registrar, application for funds for certain political purposes, peaceful picketing and rules concerning minors. Prohibits trade union activity involving intimidation, annoyance or activities adversely affecting employees or employers.
Date of entry into force: 1964-04-01

Related text(s):
2012-05-18 (BRB-2012-L-94144)
Employment Rights Act, 2012 (2012-9).

Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
Arbitration Act
The Laws of Barbados, Chapter 110, pp. 1-19

Makes provisions for arbitrations. Part One provides preliminary definitions. Part Two deals with the effects of arbitration agreements. It establishes that the authority of arbitrators and umpires is irrevocable. It also sets out provisions for the death or bankruptcy of a party. Part Three concerns arbitrators and umpires. It includes regulations on the appointment of arbitrators and umpires and establishes the conditions under which parties have the power to fill arbitrator or umpire vacancies. Part Four sets out provisions on the conduct of proceedings and awards. It includes inter alia, regulations on witnesses, the removal of an arbitrator or umpire, interim awards and final awards. Part Five deals with costs of the reference and award, fees and interest. Its sets out regulations on the taxation of fees of the arbitrator or umpire and interest carried on awards. Part Six provides for special cases, the remission, setting aside and enforcement of awards. Part Seven establishes regulations on references under order of the High Court or Judge. Part Eight includes miscellaneous provisions dealing with inter alia, powers of the Court to extend the time for commencing arbitration proceedings and terms as to costs.

Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
Trade Disputes (Arbitration and Enquiry) Act (Ch. 360)
The Laws of Barbados, Chapter 360, pp. 3-10
Act on-line, ILO Database of Caribbean Labour Legislation (PDF) (consulted on 2011-07-05)

Establishes an Arbitration Tribunal and Board of Inquiry in connection with labour disputes, and for procedures to settle such disputes.
Date of entry into force: 1939-06-12


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