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China (Macao Special Administrative Region)
Workers with family responsibilities
Decreto ley núm. 10/93/M, por el que se consagra la obligatoriedad de la presentación periódica de medios de prueba para el mantenimiento de subsidios de residencia y de familia.
Boletim Oficial, 1993-03-08, núm. 10, pág. 1074, Boletim Oficial da RAEM, Imprensa Oficial, RAE de Macau

Se considera la necesidad de establecer medios de prueba complementarios de los establecidos en los artículos 203 y 209 del Estatuto de los Trabajadores de la Administración Pública de Macao, aprobado por decretro ley 87/89/M, de 21 de diciembre.

China (Taiwan, Province of China)
Workers with family responsibilities
Family Education Act, 2003.
Legislation on-line, Law Bank of Taiwan,, Taiwan (PDF of Act in English as amended to 11/12/2013) (consulted on 2014-04-11)

This Law is enacted for the furtherance of national knowledge and capabilities in respect of family life, the advancement of national physical and mental well-being, the fostering of happy families, and the establishment of a harmonious society. Matters not provided for in this Law shall be governed by the provisions of other relevant laws.

China (Taiwan, Province of China)
Workers with family responsibilities
Regulations for Implementing Unpaid Parental Leave for Raising Children, 2002.
Legislation on-line, Ministry of Labor, Taiwan R.O.C. (PDF of Regulations in English as amended to 2008.07.07) (consulted on 2015-05-19)

Basic text(s):
2002-01-16 (CHN-2002-L-80246)
Gender Equality in Employment Act, 2002.


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