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Pays: Saint-Vincent-et-Grenadines - Sujet: Droit constitutionnel

  1. Saint-Vincent-et-Grenadines - Droit constitutionnel - Constitution

    Saint Vincent Constitution Order 1979 (S.I. No. 916 of 1979). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1979-07-26 | Date d'entrée en vigueur: 1979-10-27 | VCT-1979-C-43393

    Provides the Constitution of Saint Vincent. Chapter I sets forth fundamental rights and freedoms, including right to life, personal liberty, freedom of expression, conscience and assembly, and freedom from forced labour and inhuman treatment. Art. 14 prohibits the derogation from provisions relating to the right to personal liberty as well as freedom from racial discrimination under emergency powers. Chapter II sets forth the powers and duties of the Governor-General; Chapter III realtes to the Parliament and the election of Representatives and Senators. Chapter IV relates to the executive and ministers of government. Chapter VI governs the public service, including procedures for appointment and dismissal of public servants. Citizenship is regulated in Chapter VII. Chapter VIII establishes a high court with jurisdiction over constitutional matters.

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