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País: Timor-Leste - Tema: Disposiciones generales

  1. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Decreto-Ley núm. 16 /2020, de 30 de abril, que aprueba medidas de apoyo al empleo en el marco de la pandemia de Covid-19 (Decreto-Lei N.º 16 /2020 de 30 de Abril, que aprova medidas de apoio ao emprego no âmbito da pandemia do COVID-19)

    Adopción: 2020-04-30 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2020-05-01 | TLS-2020-R-110127

    El decreto en cuestión crea y regula medidas de apoyo financiero temporal a los empleadores y trabajadores del sector privado en el marco de la pandemia de COVID-19, que consiste en el pago de una asignación extraordinaria a los trabajadores equivalente al 60 por ciento de su remuneración en caso de suspensión del contrato de trabajo o de reducción de las horas de trabajo y la eximición de la obligación de los empleadores de pagar en el primer caso las cotizaciones sociales. Asimismo, dispone que en caso de reducción del período de trabajo normal el empleador deba pagar al empleado la cantidad correspondiente a la diferencia entre la asignación extraordinaria pagada por la seguridad social y, cuando sea mayor, la cantidad de horas trabajadas.El decreto se estructura de la siguiente manera:
    - Sección I: Disposiciones generales
    - Sección II: Apoyos
    - Sección III: Disposiciones finales.

  2. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 3/2017 on Prevention and Fight against Trafficking in Persons and Fourth Amendment to the Penal Code (Lei da Prevenção e Luta contra o Tráfico de Pessoas e Quarta Alteração ao Código Penal) - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2017-01-25 | TLS-2017-L-106090

  3. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Decree Law No. 31/2016 amending Decree-Law No. 25/2011 concerning the Organisation of the Ombudsman for Human Rights and Justice. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2016-07-13 | TLS-2016-L-106108

  4. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 2/2016 amending Law No. 3/2004, of April 14, on Political Parties. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2016-02-03 | TLS-2016-L-106093

  5. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 5/2013 on legislative authorization for the enforcement of sentences and measures providing for the deprivation of liberty. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2013-05-21 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2013-08-22 | TLS-2013-L-106095

  6. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 4/2012 on Labour.

    Adopción: 2011-12-20 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2012-06-20 | TLS-2011-L-89742

    Chapter 1 - Object and Scope of Application
    Chapter 2 - Fundamental Principles
    Chapter 1 - Labour Contracts
    Chapter 2 - Provision of Labour
    Chapter 3 - Remuneration of Labour
    Chapter 4 - Termination of the Labour Contract
    Chapter 5 - Special Labour Protection Arrangements
    Chapter 1 - Freedom of Association and Trade Unionism
    Chapter 2 - Right to Collective Bargaining
    Chapter 3 - Right to Strike and Lock-outs

  7. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 10/2011 approving the Civil Code. - Legislation on-line Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2011-09-13 | TLS-2011-L-89755

  8. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Decree-Law No. 25/2011 concerning the Organisation of the Ombudsman for Human Rights and Justice. (Decreto-Lei No. 25/2011 Orgânica da Provedoria dos Direitos Humanos e Justiça) - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2011-04-13 | TLS-2011-L-106107

  9. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Otros textos (circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.)

    National Health Sector Strategic Plan 2011-2030, Ministry of Health. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2011 | TLS-2011-M-112762

    The Timor-Leste National Health Sector Strategic Plan 2011-2030 is a sectoral strategy with a vision for a healthy East Timorese people in a healthy Timor-Leste, a community enjoying a level of health that allows people to develop their potential within a healthy environment. The specific goals of the strategy are: to have a comprehensive primary and hospital care services with good quality and accessible to all Timorese people; to provide adequate support system to health care services delivery; to promote higher community and partnership participation in the improvement of national health system.
    Helping to eliminate the malnutrition is one of the goals of this strategy. The nutritional status of both children and adults in Timor-Leste remains significantly below acceptable world standards and therefore immediate and longer-term strategies encompassing inter-sectoral cooperation and operationalization at national, district, and local level is required. To reduce the incidence and prevalence of macro- and micro-nutrient deficiencies and associates malnutrition among vulnerable groups the following actions will be implemented: Promote diversity and consumption of locally produced food; Improving mother and child nutrition care practice; Improve access and quality of nutrition services at facility and community levels for all live cohorts; Promote advocacy, social mobilization and communication to ensure mainstream behaviour change in nutrition; Strengthen nutrition information management system and surveillance.
    Other key priorities include: provision of health services including the implementation of a comprehensive package of health services at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels, investment in human capital through a comprehensive workforce plan detailing current staffing gaps, training opportunities and recruitments, infrastructure investment focused on improving access to health services in an equitable manner, and health management & administration focused on institutional strengthening of the Ministry of Health through major organizational reforms.
    Regarding governance the strategy will be implemented and coordinated through the existing health sector organizational and management structures which will include: the Health Regulatory and Statutory boards, the MOH Headquarters at central level; Hospital Management Teams at hospital level, Health Associations and faith based health institutions; and non-governmental institutions involved in the health sector (both private and public). The Ministry of Health will coordinate the policy formulation and legislative changes aimed at supporting the strategy implementation while the district health management structures and hospitals will serve as the major implementing agencies for this plan. Routine monitoring will be undertaken on a monthly, quarterly, annual and biannual basis.

  10. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 7/2010 against Domestic Violence. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2010-06-21 | TLS-2010-L-89754

    This law establishes the legal regime applicable to prevention of domestic violence and protection and assistance to its victims.

  11. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 8/2009 establishing the Anti-Corruption Commission. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2009-07-07 | TLS-2009-L-89753

    Establishes the Anti-Corruption Commission. The purpose of this Law is to provide the independent specialised criminal police force of the State with the means to perform its duties according to criteria of legality and objectivity, in articulation with the competent authorities, as is indispensable for its credibility as a mechanism for the fight against corruption.

  12. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 2/2009 on Protection of Witnesses. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2009-05-06 | TLS-2009-L-89751

    Article 1(1): This law regulates the application of measures for the protection of witnesses, in civil or criminal proceedings, when their lives, physical or psychological integrity, freedom or assets of considerable value are jeopardised due to their contributing to ascertaining the proof of facts or to the discovery of the truth which constitute the object of the proceedings.

  13. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Penal Code (Decree-Law No. 19/2009). (Código Penal) - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2009-04-08 | TLS-2009-L-106091

  14. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 6/2008 on Legal Regime for the Financing of Political Parties. - Act on-line in English

    Adopción: 2008-04-16 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2008-03-19 | TLS-2008-L-79905

    Provides rules for the financing of political parties.

  15. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Decree-Law No. 7/2007 on the Structure of the IV Constitutional Government. - Decree online

    Adopción: 2007-08-17 | TLS-2007-L-79906

    Provides for the structure of the Government including ministries, their powers and competencies etc.

  16. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Decree-Law No. 4/2005 on Special Arrangements Within the Criminal Procedure Framework for Cases of Terrorism, Violent or Organized Crime. - Decree online

    Adopción: 2006-02-03 | TLS-2006-L-80479

    Contains special provisions for the seizure, arrest, detention and hearing of cases with respect to cases of terrorism, violent or organized crime, including the trafficking of humans.

    Amends Decree-Law No. 6/2004.

  17. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 1/2006 approving the Civil Procedure Code. (Código de Processo Civil) - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2006-01-16 | TLS-2006-L-79909

  18. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 13/2005 approving the Criminal Procedure Code. (Código de Processo Penal) - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2005-11-22 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2006-01-01 | TLS-2005-L-80478

    1. UNTAET Regulation No. 2000/30, of 25 September, as amended by UNTAET
    2. Regulation No. 2001/25, of 14 September, on Transitional Rules of Criminal Procedure;
    3. Sub-article 6.1 and articles 1, 3, 4 and 16 of Decree-Law No. 16/2003, of 1 October.

    Provides for jurisdiction, hearings, judges and execution of penalties.

  19. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 7/2004 Approving the Statute of the Office of the Ombudsman for Human Rights and Justice.

    Adopción: 2004-05-26 | TLS-2004-L-79903

    Chapter I - Preliminary
    Chapter II - Office of the Ombudsman for Human Rights and Justice
    Chapter III - Statute
    Chapter IV - Competencies, Powers and Duties
    Chapter V - Complaints Handling Process

  20. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Citizenship Law Regulatory Arrangements (Decree Law No. 1/2004). - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2004-02-04 | TLS-2004-R-95061

  21. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 3/2004 on Political Parties.

    Adopción: 2004-02 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2004-03-25 | TLS-2004-L-79904

    Chapter I - General Provisions
    Chapter II - Rights and Duties of Parties
    Chapter III - Internal Functioning
    Chapter IV - Financing of Political Parties and Presenting of Accounts
    Chapter V - Final Provisions

  22. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law on Internal Security, 2003.

    Adopción: 2003-07-30 | TLS-2003-L-79899

    Chapter I - General Principles
    Chapter II - Internal Security Policy and Coordination of its Execution

  23. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Law No. 1/2003 on Land Ownership.

    Adopción: 2002-12-03 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2002-12-24 | TLS-2003-L-79900

    Chapter I - General Provision
    Chapter II - Illicit Dealings
    Chapter III - Administrative Eviction from State's Real Estate
    Chapter IV - Final and Transitional Provisions

  24. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Ley núm. 9/2002 sobre la nacionalidad. -

    Adopción: 2002-11-05 | TLS-2002-L-65708

    Establece las condiciones de atribución, adquisición, pérdida y readquisición de la nacionalidad timorense.

  25. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Citizenship Law (Law No. 9/2002). - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2002-11-05 | TLS-2002-L-95060

  26. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Ley núm. 4/2002, Ley Orgánica del Parlamento Nacional. -

    Adopción: 2002-08-07 | TLS-2002-L-65710

    Tiene por objeto definir y regular los instrumentos de gestión administrativa y financiera y de apoyo técnico del Parlamento Nacional.

  27. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Labour Code (UNTAET/REG/2002/5).

    Adopción: 2002-05-01 | TLS-2002-L-72879

    I - Introductory provisions
    II - On Employment and Labour Administration
    III - On Labour Relations
    IV - On Termination of Employment
    V - On Establishment of a Minimum Wages Board

  28. Timor-Leste - Disposiciones generales - Constitución

    Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, 2002. - Constitution

    Adopción: 2002-03-22 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2002-03-20 | TLS-2002-C-64988

    Divided into 7 parts. Part 1 contains fundamental principles. Inter alia provides for citizenship, decentralization, objectives of the state, universal suffrage and multiparty system, official and national languages, and national symbols and flag. Part 2 makes provision for rights, duties, liberties and fundamental guarantees. Section 50 regulates right to work, and sets forth prohibition of forced labour. Part 3 deals with organisation of political power; Part 4 with economic and financial organisation. Part 5 provides for national defence and security, and Part 6 for guarantee and revision of Constitution. Part 7 contains final and transitional provisions.

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