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País: Seychelles - Tema: Agricultores

  1. Seychelles - Agricultores - Ley

    Seychelles Agricultural Agency Act, 2009 (Act 4 of 2009).

    Adopción: 2009-01-05 | SYC-2009-L-81514

    Establishes the Seychelles Agricultural Agency to facilitate and support the enhancement of national food security; to facilitate the increase of the contribution of agriculture in the country's gross domestic product; and to facilitate the modernization and development of the agricultural sector.

  2. Seychelles - Agricultores - Ley

    Agriculture and Fisheries (Incentives) Act, 2005 (Act No. 3 of 2005) - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2005-03-31 | SYC-2005-L-70221

    Provides incentives such as tax concessions, social security contributions, Gainful Occupation Permits under the Immigration Decree, and fuel incentives to famers, farming entities, agricultural processors, agricultural exporters, fishers, boat owners, fisheries processors and fisheries exporters.

  3. Seychelles - Agricultores - Ley

    Pesticides Control Act (Act No. 4 of 1996). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 1996-03-21 | SYC-1996-L-82726

    Regulates the manufacture, distribution, use, storage and disposal of pesticides for the protection of the public health and the environment.

  4. Seychelles - Agricultores - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Workmen's Compensation (Excepted Persons) regulations 1973 [up to five agricultural workers and all domestic servants are excepted from the Workmen's Compensation Ordinance 1970.] Statutory Instrument No. 35.

    Adopción: 1973-05-08 | SYC-1973-R-16249

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