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Seychelles > Protección en ciertos sectores de actividad económica

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País: Seychelles - Tema: Protección en ciertos sectores de actividad económica

  1. Seychelles - Protección en ciertos sectores de actividad económica - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Occupational Safety and Health (Dock Work) Regulations, 2012 (S.I. 7 of 2012).

    Adopción: 2012-03-01 | SYC-2012-R-91738

    These Regulations contain 30 articles. They apply to: (a) "all persons engaged in or affected by the process in any port or dock and the master and crew of any vessel registered in Seychelles wherever the vessel may be or any other vessel while in a port or place in or within the territorial waters of Seychelles; (b) the government and government employees except members of the defence forces and the crew of any ship of war" (article 2).

    PART I - General (articles 1-4)
    PART II - Exemptions (article 5)
    PART III - Docks (articles 6-9)
    6. Execution of work
    7. Edges, bridges, surfaces etc.
    8. Safety equipment etc.
    9. Lighting
    PART IV - Vessels (articles 10-13)
    10. Access, etc. ship to store
    11. Access, etc. within the ship
    12. Lighting on board
    13. Hatch covering, etc.
    PART V - Lifting Machinery (articles 14-30)
    14. Hatch covering etc.
    15. Testing and examination
    16. Marking of safe working load (S.W.L.)
    17. Safe working load
    18. Unloading etc.
    19. Crane and winch control
    20. Crane driver's access and platform
    21. Lifting machinery construction
    22. Fencing of hatches etc.
    23. Working in the hatch square
    24. Working on skeleton decks
    25. Unstable cargo
    26. Signallers
    27. Transport by water
    28. Removal of, or interference with safety devices, etc.
    29. Use of means of access
    30. Clear passage on dock


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