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País: Eslovaquia - Tema: Prestaciones por desempleo

  1. Eslovaquia - Prestaciones por desempleo - Ley

    Act No. 292/1999 amending Act No. 387/1996 on employment.

    Adopción: 1999-10-27 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1999-12-01 | SVK-1999-L-56606

    Regulates, inter alia, the amount and the conditions to receive unemployment benefit, as well as the duties of the employer hiring disabled employees.

  2. Eslovaquia - Prestaciones por desempleo - Ley

    Act No. 387/1996 on Employment (as amended).

    Adopción: 1996-12-11 | SVK-1996-L-48158

    Part 1: The Employment Policy Part 2: Activities of Labour Authorities in the Implementation of the Labour Market Policy Part 3: Participants of Juridical relations Part 4: Right to Employment Part 5: Records Maintained by the National Labour Office Parti 6: Unemployment Benefits Part 7: Unemployment Insurance Contributions Part 8: Economic management of the National Labour Office Part 9: The Active Labour Market Policy Part 10: Obligations of Employers Part 11: Employment of Citizens having their Permanent Residence in the Territory of the Slovak Republic by Foreign Employers and Employment of Aliens in the Slovak Republic Part 12: Information System, Publication of Data and Data Protection Part 13: Controlling Activities Part 14: Contributions to the Guarantee Fund and procedure in the settlement of claims from the Guarantee Fund. Part 15: Claims involved in bankruptcy and composition proceedings. Part 16: State supervision. Part 17: Joint, temporary and concluding provisions.

  3. Eslovaquia - Prestaciones por desempleo - Ley

    Act No. 159/1993 to amend Act No. 14/1993 on national book-keeping and other changes in laws on social security.

    Adopción: 1993-07-09 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1993-08-01 | SVK-1993-L-41195

    Provides that employers must contribute insurance fees amounting to 9 percent of the total salaries paid for disabled employees' health, hospital and retirement insurance. Also fixes at 1 percent of the total salaries paid the amount to contributed by employers to the disabled workers' employment fund.

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