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País: Eslovaquia - Tema: Derechos humanos

  1. Eslovaquia - Derechos humanos - Ley

    Act No. 428 of 2002 on personal data protection. - English translation

    Adopción: 2002-07-03 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2002-09-01 | Fecha de entrada en vigor gradual: 2003-12-01 | SVK-2002-L-71543

  2. Eslovaquia - Derechos humanos - Ley

    Act No. 404/2000 amending Act No. 424/1991 on freedom of association in political parties and movements.

    Adopción: 2000-10-31 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2001-01-01 | SVK-2000-L-58730

    Defines the conditions for registration of a political party or movement; conditions under which it is possible to suspend or dissolute a party or movement; legal protection of data in case of liquidation of a party or movement after its dissolution; and financing of parties and movements as well as their accountability.

  3. Eslovaquia - Derechos humanos - Ley

    Act No. 185/2000 amending Act No. 207/1995 on the civil service, Act No. 347/1990 on the organization of the Ministeries and other central organs of the Slovak Republic, Act No. 83/1991 on the role of organs of the Slovak Republic in the implementation of employment policy, and the Act No. 372/1990 on violations of the law.

    Adopción: 2000-05-17 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2000-07-01 | SVK-2000-L-57536

    Sets forth the conditions for an employer to be able to employ a person performing civic service in lieu of military service. Also regulates the obligations of the employer towards the employee, towards military authorities, as well as the rights of the employee.

  4. Eslovaquia - Derechos humanos - Ley

    Act of 17 May 2000 on free access to information, and to amend and supplement several acts (Act on freedom of information). - Act (in Slovak)

    Adopción: 2000-05-17 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2001-01-01 | SVK-2000-L-71094

  5. Eslovaquia - Derechos humanos - Ley

    Act on the use of languages of national minorities, 1999 (Act 184).

    Adopción: 1999-07-10 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1999-09-01 | SVK-1999-L-57348

    Aims at protecting and developing the fundamental rights and liberties of citizens of the Slovak Republic who are members of national minorities. Provides that a citizen of the Slovak Republic who is a member of a national minority is entitled to use, in addition to the state language, the language of the national minority. Establishes the rules of use of minority languages in official contacts.

  6. Eslovaquia - Derechos humanos - Ley

    Law on civilian service and on amendments and addenda to Law No. 347/1990 on the organisation of the ministries and other central bodies of government, to Law No. 83/1991 concerning the competencies of the Slovak Republic's authorities in pursuing employment policy, and to Law No. 372/1990 on breaches of the law (No. 207/1995).

    Adopción: 1994-10-04 | SVK-1994-L-59618

    Regulates various aspects of civilian service for conscientious objectors. Deals with objection to perform miltary service; objection to take part in military exercises; call-up to civilian service; deferment, interruption, release and cancellation of civilian service; citizen's obligation during civilian service; violation of duties; procedure for selecting suitable work; employer's duties; hours of work; regular leave, special leave and unpaid leave; health care; register of citizens subject to civilian service; supervisory work; and some related matters.

  7. Eslovaquia - Derechos humanos - Ley

    Law No. 158/1994 to amend Law No. 564/1992 on the procedure of launching a referendum.

    Adopción: 1994-06-08 | SVK-1994-L-40583

    Adds new paragraphs 1a and 1b: petition for a referendum must be written; signatories must sign with name and address; signatures can be collected only in public places.

  8. Eslovaquia - Derechos humanos - Ley

    Act No. 171/1993 on the police corps.

    Adopción: 1993-07-06 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1993-09-01 | SVK-1993-L-41192

    Concerns the tasks, organization and direction of police corps. Deals, inter alia, with duties and rights of police members, operational and informational-technical means of police corps, use of means of coercion by policemen (especially use of armed forces for police tasks), and relation of police corps to national bodies, districts, legal and natural persons.

  9. Eslovaquia - Derechos humanos - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Ordinance No. 115/1993 on length of military service.

    Adopción: 1993-04-27 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1993-06-30 | SVK-1993-R-40461

    Duration of military service is reduced from 18 to 12 months.

  10. Eslovaquia - Derechos humanos - Ley

    Law No. 47/1993 on political parties and political movements associations.

    Adopción: 1993-01-21 | SVK-1993-L-40615

    Amends, inter alia, paragraph 15 on procedures of dissolution of political parties.

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