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País: Nepal - Month updated: November 2017

  1. Nepal - - Ley

    Employee Adjustment Act, 2074 (2017). (कर्मचारी समायाेजन एेन, २०७४) - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2017-10-15 | NPL-2017-L-105435

    Provides for the adjustment of State employees at the State and local level following changes in the government structure.

  2. Nepal - - Ley

    Labour Act, 2074 (2017). (श्रम एेन, २०७४) - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2017-09-04 | NPL-2017-L-105434

    Chapter I - Preliminary
    Chapter II - Fundamental Provisions Relating to Workers
    Chapter III - Provisions Relating To Employment
    Chapter IV - Provisions Relating to Trainees and Apprentices
    Chapter V - Provisions Relating to Part-Time Workers
    Chapter VI - Provisions Relating to Work Permits
    Chapter VII - Provisions Relating to Working Hours
    Chapter VIII - Provisions Relating to Remuneration
    Chapter IX - Provisions Relating to Leave
    Chapter X - Provisions Relating to Provident Fund, Gratuity and Insurance
    Chapter XI - Provisions Relating to Labour Provider
    Chapter XII - Provisions Relating to Occupational Safety and Health
    Chapter XIII - Provisions Relating to Special Types of Industries and Services
    Chapter XIV - Provisions Relating to Fair Labour Practices
    Chapter XV - Provisions Relating to Inspection
    Chapter XVI -Provisions Relating to Councils and Committees
    Chapter XVII - Provisions Relating to Internal Management of Enterprises
    Chapter XVIII - Provisions Relating to Settlement of Individual Disputes
    Chapter XIX - Provisions Relating to Settlement of Collective Disputes
    Chapter XX - Provisions Relating to Conduct and Punishment
    Chapter XXI - Provisions Relating to Termination of Employment
    Chapter XXII - Provisions Relating to Labour Court
    Chapter XXIII - Provisions Relating to Complaints, Punishment and Appeals
    Chapter XXIV - Miscellaneous Provisions

  3. Nepal - - Ley

    Contributions Based Social Security Act, 2074 (2017). (याेगदानमा अाधारित सामाजिक सुरक्षा एेन, २०७४) - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2017-08-13 | NPL-2017-L-105433

    Chapter I - Preliminary
    Chapter II - Provisions related to Contribution based Social Security Plan
    Chapter III - Provisions related to Enlistment in Fund
    Chapter IV - Establishment and operation of the Fund
    Chapter V - Identification, Records and Identity Document
    Chapter VI - Provision Related to Executive Director and Employee
    Chapter VII - Provision related to Offence and Punishment
    Chapter VIII - Miscellaneous

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