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País: Malawi - Tema: Seguridad social

  1. Malawi - Seguridad social - Ley

    Pension Act, 2010 (No. 6 of 2011). - Legislation on-line Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2011-04-01 | MWI-2011-L-90373

    Part I - Preliminary
    Part II - Contributory National Pension Scheme
    Part III - Mandatory Provisions
    Part IV - Registration and Lisencing
    Part V - Requirements for Trustees, Investment Managers, Administrators, Custodians, Pension Brokers, and Actuaries of Pension Funds and Umbrella Funds
    Part VI - Requirements for Fund Rules of Pension Funds and Umbrella Funds
    Part VII - Prudential and other Requirements for the Operation of Pension Funds and Umbrella Funds
    Part VIII - Giving Information to Fund Members and Beneficiaries
    Part IX - Contributions and Investment Returns
    Part X - Pensions and Other Benefits
    Part XI - Miscellaneous Provisions
    Part XII - Transitional Arrangements

  2. Malawi - Seguridad social - Ley

    Worker's Compensation Act, 2000 (No. 7 of 2000). - Workers' Compensation Act

    Adopción: 2000-05-14 | MWI-2000-L-58427

    Makes provision for compensation for injuries suffered or diseases contracted by workers in the course of their employment or for death resulting from such injuries or diseases. Also provides for the establishment and administration of a Workers' Compensation Fund. Individual parts deal with eligibility for compensation in case of injury other than the contraction of a scheduled disease (Part II), compensation for injury caused otherwise than by the contraction of a scheduled disease (Part III), calculation and distribution of compensation (Part IV), medical aid (Part V), compensation for injury due to the contraction of scheduled diseases (Part VI), procedures for obtaining compensation (Part VII), establishment of the Board (Part VIII), administration (Part IX), appeals (Part X), and a Workers' Compensation Fund (Part XI).

  3. Malawi - Seguridad social - Ley

    Widows and Orphans Pensions (Amendment) Act 1970.

    Adopción: 1970-12-10 | MWI-1970-L-18551

    An Act to amend the Widows and Orphans Pensions Act. No. 39. Replaces s. 10 (Pensions Fund); adds. s. 46 (powers of Minister)].

  4. Malawi - Seguridad social - Ley

    Public Health Act, 1948 [No. 12 of 1948](Cap. 34:01). - Act on-line [as amended to 1975]

    Adopción: 1948-07-29 | MWI-1948-L-86506

    Amends and consolidates the laws concerning public health in Malawi.

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