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País: Malawi - Tema: Códigos de trabajo, Leyes laborales

  1. Malawi - Códigos de trabajo, Leyes laborales - Ley

    Employment (Amendment) Act, 2021 (Act No. 17 of 2021). - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2021-10-07 | MWI-2021-L-112666

    The Act makes the following amendments:
    - section 3, amendment of some of the definitions
    - section 4, replacement of the section with a new section concerning 'Prohibition against unlawful labour', which includes forced and tenancy labour;
    - section 5, extends the grounds for non-discrimination;
    - section 45, criteria for paid leave;
    - addition of new section 46A concerning special work conditions for pregnant or breastfeeding women;
    - amendment to section 47;
    - addition of a new section 47A concerning paternity leave;
    - addition of a new section 50A concerning deduction of wages for participation in a strike; and
    - amendment to section 51.

  2. Malawi - Códigos de trabajo, Leyes laborales - Ley

    Employment Act 1999 (No. 6 of 2000) (Cap. 55:02). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2000-05-14 | MWI-2000-L-58791

    Comprehensive legislation on employment. Part II makes provision for prohibition against forced labour, anti-discrimination, equal pay, and remedies for infringement of fundamental rights. Part III regulates rights and duties of Labour Commissioner and labour officers. Part IV deals with employment of young persons, including prohibition against child labour, and Part V with labour contracts. Part V provides for hours of work, weekly rest and leave, and Part VII for wages. Finally, Part VIII makes provision for discipline and dismissal.

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