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País: Líbano - Month updated: October 2021

  1. Líbano - - Otros textos (circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.)

    Health Strategic Plan for the medium term (2016 to 2020). - Health Strategic Plan

    Adopción: 2016-12 | LBN-2016-M-111851

  2. Líbano - - Otros textos (circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.)

    "Mishwar", an integrated Bio-behaviour Surveillance Study among most at Risk Populations in Lebanon Female Sex Workers, Injecting Drug Users, Men who have Sex with Men, and Prisoners. - Ministry of Public Health

    Adopción: 2008-11 | LBN-2008-M-111778

    This study’s main aim was to provide a baseline estimate of the prevalence of HIV and AIDS among the four vulnerable populations: MSM, FSWs, IDUs, and prisoners. The combination of conducting a behavioral questionnaire along with a biological test for HIV helped us to better understand the behavioral risk factors and to link the risky behavior to the HIV status of participants.

  3. Líbano - - Otros textos (circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.)

    National AIDS Control Program in Lebanon. - National AIDS Control Program

    Adopción: 1989 | LBN-1989-M-111777

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