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País: Bahamas - Tema: Seguridad y salud del trabajo

  1. Bahamas - Seguridad y salud del trabajo - Ley

    Health and Safety at Work (Amendment) Act, 2015 (No. 37 of 2015). - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2015-08-12 | BHS-2015-L-100359

  2. Bahamas - Seguridad y salud del trabajo - Ley

    Precursor Chemicals Act, 2007 (No. 2 of 2007).

    Adopción: 2007-01-16 | BHS-2007-L-75788

    Part I - Preliminary
    Part II - Administration and Control
    Part III - Grant, Refusal, Suspension and Revocation of Licence or Permit and Appeals
    Part IV - Registers
    Part V - Commercial Documents and Security
    Part VI - Offences and Penalties
    Part VII - Enforcement
    Part VIII - General

  3. Bahamas - Seguridad y salud del trabajo - Ley

    Health and Safety at Work Act, 2002 (No. 2 of 2002) (CH.321C). - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2002-02-21 | BHS-2002-L-60975

    Deals with various issues relating to health and safety at work. Sections 4 sets forth general duties of employers to their employees; Section 5 general duties of employers and self-employed to persons other than their employees. Section 6 regulates general duties of manufacturers as regards articles and substances for use at work. Section 7 provides for general duties of employees at work. Sections 11-15 regulate activities of work inspectors. Also provides for establishment of health and safety committees.

  4. Bahamas - Seguridad y salud del trabajo - Ley

    Ionising Radiations (Workers' Protection) Act (No. 12 of 1967) (Chapter 319). - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 1967-06-27 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1969-12-11 | BHS-1967-L-78673

    Provides that notification of undertakings involving exposure to ionising radiations are required for the protection of workers involved therein.

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