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  1. Uzbekistán - Cooperativas - Ley

    Law No. 600-I of 30 April 1998 on Agricultural Cooperatives (Shirkat) [Consolidation, 25 December 2009]. (закон от 30 апреля 1998 года N600-I o сельскохозяйственном кооперативе (ширкате)) - Legislation from CIS Countries (in Russian)

    Adopción: 2009-12-25 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1998-04-30 | UZB-2009-L-85607

    Regulates the legal basis of creation, functioning, reorganization, governance and liquidation of Agricultural Cooperatives as well as their relation to other legal and physical persons. Article 22 regulates labour relations within the Agricultural Cooperatives.

  2. Vanuatu - Cooperativas - Ley

    Co-operative Societies Act [Cap 152] (Act No. 24 of 1982). - Consolidated Edition 2006

    Adopción: 1982 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1987-07-20 | VUT-1982-L-83128

    Makes provision for the formation, registration and regulation of co-operative societies and for other matters connected therewith.

  3. Vanuatu - Cooperativas - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Cooperatives Joint Regulation No. 11 of 1962 (as amended by J.R. 46 of 1973 and 20/2 of 1975).

    Adopción: 1962-09-12 | VUT-1962-R-32623

    Provides for the operation of Native Cooperative Societies.

  4. Venezuela (República Bolivariana de) - Cooperativas - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Decreto núm. 1761 por el que se dicta reglamento de la ley general de asociaciones cooperativas.

    Adopción: 1976-09-07 | VEN-1976-R-32632

  5. Venezuela (República Bolivariana de) - Cooperativas - Ley

    Ley General de Asociaciones Cooperativas. - FAOLex Legal Office

    Adopción: 1975-05-16 | VEN-1975-L-81523

    Rije el sistema de asociaciones cooperativas y sus asociados con ocasión de toda actividad cooperativa de trabajo y de servicio encaminada a la producción, distribución y consumo cooperativo de bienes y servicios.
    Tiene la siguiente organización:
    Capítulo I: Disposiciones Generales
    Capítulo II: De la Constitución
    Capítulo II: De los Asociados
    Capítulo IV: Del Funcionamiento y de la Administración
    Capítulo V: De los diferentes tipos de cooperativas
    Capítulo VI: De la integración cooperativa
    Capítulo VII: Del Consejo Nacional Cooperativo
    Capítulo VIII: De la Superintendencia Nacional de Cooperativas
    Capítulo IX: De los recursos económicos
    Capítulo X: De los Fondos, reservas y excedentes
    Capítulo XI: De los impuestos y de las compensaciones
    Capítulo XII: De la disolución y de la liquidación
    Capítulo XIII: De las sanciones
    Capítulo XIV: Disposiciones Transitorias
    Capítulo XV: Disposiciones Finales

  6. Viet Nam - Cooperativas - Ley

    The Cooperatives Law (No. 23/2012/QH13) (Promulgated by Order No. 25/2012/L-CTN of December 3 2012). - Legislation on-line in Vietnamese Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2012-12-03 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2013-07-01 | VNM-2012-L-94469

    Chapter I - General Provisions
    Chapter II - Members and Member Cooperatives
    Chapter III - Establishment and Registration of Cooperatives and Unions of Cooperatives
    Chapter IV - Organization of Management of Cooperatives and Unions of Cooperatives
    Chapter V - Assets and Finance of Cooperatives and Unions of Cooperatives
    Chapter VI - Split, Separation, Consolidation, Merger, Dissolution and Bankruptcy of Cooperatives and Unions of Cooperatives
    Chapter VII - Representative Organization of Cooperatives and Unions of Cooperatives
    Chapter VIII - State Management of Cooperatives and Unions of Cooperatives
    Chapter IX - Implementation Provisions

  7. Viet Nam - Cooperativas - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Decree No. 151-2007/ND-CP on the organization and operation of cooperative groups.

    Adopción: 2007-10-10 | VNM-2007-R-81552

    CHAPTER I - General Provisions
    1. Provides for the organization and operation of cooperative groups formed on the basis of cooperation contracts authenticated by People's Committees of communes, wards and townships by three individuals or more who jointly contribute assets and labour to carrying out certain works for mutual benefit and responsibility
    2. Organization and operation principles
    3. Names and logos of cooperative groups
    4. Formation of cooperative groups
    5. Cooperation contracts
    6. Authentication of cooperation contracts
    CHAPTER II - Group Members
    CHAPTER III - Organization and Operation of Cooperative Groups
    CHAPTER IV - Management of Cooperative Groups
    CHAPTER V - Assets and Finance of Cooperative Groups
    Chapter VI - Implementation Provisions

  8. Yémen - Cooperativas - Ley

    Law No. 39 of 1998 on cooperatives. - Law on-line in Arabic

    Adopción: 1998-12-27 | YEM-1998-L-83564

    This Law is composed of 8 Sections divided into 155 articles. Terms and definition (section I). Objectives; general principles; cooperative foundation provisions; cooperative membership; and kinds and functions of cooperatives; Capital and management of cooperatives (section III). Incorporation, division and liquidation of cooperatives (sect. IV). Cooperatives Union and objectives (section V). Control of the Government on cooperatives and unions (section VI). Offences and penalties (section VII). Transitional and concluding provisions (section VIII).

  9. Zambia - Cooperativas - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Co-operative Societies Regulations 1999 (S.I. No. 26 of 1999).

    Adopción: 1999 | ZMB-1999-R-53148

    Sets forth procedures and forms for the registration of cooperative societies. Repeals the Co-operative Societies Rules, 1972.

  10. Zambia - Cooperativas - Ley

    Co-operative Societies Act, 1998 (No. 20 of 1998). - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 1998-10-07 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1999-02-05 | ZMB-1998-L-53147

    Comprehensive legislation governing the establishment and registration of cooperatives, rights and liabilities of members, board of directors, administration, amalgamation and transfer, and winding-up and dissolution. Also governs savings and credit cooperative societies and cooperative unions and federations. Repeals the Co-operative Societies Act, 1970.

  11. Zimbabwe - Cooperativas - Ley

    Co-operative Societies Act [Chapter 24:05]. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 1990-07-15 | ZWE-1990-L-25290

    This Act replaces the existing Co-operative Societies Act with a new Act covering comprehensively the structure and functioning of the co-operative movement in Zimbabwe and its relationship with the State. The Act provides for the formation registration, regulation, management, functioning and dissolution of co-operative societies in accordance with co-operativee principles and in pursuance of Government policy and self-reliance; for the formation of a National Co-operative Federation; and for the establishment of a Central Co-operative Fund.

  12. - Cooperativas - Ley

    Regulation No. 21 of 2003 on the promulagation of Law No. 2003/9 of 15 May 2003 on Farmer's Cooperatives. - Official Gazette

    Adopción: 2003-05-15 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2003-06-23 | YUG-2003-L-66368

    Provides for registration, conditions of establishment of farmer's cooperatives and rights and obligations of their members.

  13. - Cooperativas - Ley

    Act of 29 August 1996 on associations. (Text No. 497)

    Adopción: 1996-08-29 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1996-09-14 | YUG-1996-L-45111

    Promulgated by Decree of 29 August 1996. Provisions inter alia govern the creation and status of association, realization of special tasks in the association, administration, properties of the association, activity and end of activity.

  14. - Cooperativas - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Resolution on the implementation and promotion of responsibility in socialist cooperatives (Text No. 307).

    Adopción: 1990-31 | YUG-1990-R-22592

  15. - Cooperativas - Ley

    Act of 17 January 1990 on associations (Text No. 42). - Unofficial English translation

    Adopción: 1990-07-27 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1990-01-17 | YUG-1990-L-20139

  16. - Cooperativas - Ley

    Act on associated labour (consolidation). Text No. 131.

    Adopción: 1988-01-20 | YUG-1988-L-6312

    Consolidation of the Act of 25 Nov. 1976, as last amended by the Act of 17 Dec. 1987 on the same subject. It contains 653 sections in six Parts (Basic provisions; socio-economic relations of workers in associated labour; self-management for associated labour; putting self-management for associated labour into practice; penal provisions; transitional and final provisions).

  17. - Cooperativas - Ley

    Decree issuing the Act amending and supplementing the Act [of 25 November 1976] on associated labour. Text No. 1087.

    Adopción: 1987-12-17 | YUG-1987-L-6393

    See consolidated text No. 131 of 1988 [ISN 6312].

  18. - Cooperativas - Otros textos (circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.)

    Recommendation respecting the association of farmers for purposes of self-management and their inclusion within the self-managed system of associated work.

    Adopción: 1981-10-01 | YUG-1981-M-10983

  19. - Cooperativas - Ley

    Associated Labour Act.

    Adopción: 1976-11-25 | YUG-1976-L-13545

    Repeals, inter alia, the Act of 13 Apr. 1973 (LS 1973-Yug.1) respecting the relationship between workers in associative work.

  20. - Cooperativas - Ley

    Act respecting the combination of organisations of associated labour in general associations and the Economic Chamber of Yugoslavia.

    Adopción: 1976-11-25 | YUG-1976-L-13546

  21. - Cooperativas - Otros textos (circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.)

    Social compact to co-ordinate the rights and obligations of workers employed by workpeople who independently engage in activity on the basis of their own work with resources owned by citizens and of workers employed by individuals and bodies corporate in civil law.

    Adopción: 1976 | YUG-1976-M-13544

  22. - Cooperativas - Ley

    Act respecting the social attorney of self-management.

    Adopción: 1975-07-18 | YUG-1975-L-14550

    Post created at the federal, republic and other levels to ensure that laws, regulations and decisions on questions of self-management are in accordance with the constitutional and judicial procedures and are not prejudicial to the workers or to property under social ownership.

  23. - Cooperativas - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Ordinance respecting the special conditions applicable to the admission of foreign citizens to associative work.

    Adopción: 1974-01-16 | YUG-1974-R-15464

    Repeals the Regulations of 11 Sep. 1965 on the same subject.

  24. - Cooperativas - Ley

    Framework Act on agricultural cooperatives.

    Adopción: 1965-03-31 | YUG-1965-L-32635

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