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  1. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    National Service (General) Regulations - National Service (General) Regulations

    Adopción: 1985 | ZMB-1985-R-66494

    Comprehensive legislation on National Service. Divided into 12 parts. Part 1 (s. 1-2) contains preliminary provisions. Part 2 (s. 3) regulates registration. Part 3 (s. 4-6) provides for enlistment notice. Part 4 (s. 7) deals with National Service Hardship Committees. Part 5 (s. 8-10) regulates training in Service. Part 6 (s. 11-14) contains general provisions. Part 7 (s. 15-16) deals with branches, units, and ranks in Service; Part 8 (s. 17-18) with uniforms, weapons and other military stores. Part 9 (s. 19-26) contains staff regulations. Part 10 (s. 27-30) regulates preparation of charge sheet. Part 11 (s. 31) provides for trial procedure. Part 12 (s. 32) deals with advisory committee.

  2. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Tourism Act, 1979 (No. 29 of 1979).

    Adopción: 1979-12-31 | ZMB-1979-L-47395

    Establishes the National Tourism Board for the development of the tourism industry.

  3. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Otros textos (circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.)

    Industrial Relations Court Rules (S. I. No. 206 of 1974), as amended up to 1994. - The Laws of Zambia, Vol. 15, 1996 Edition (Revised)

    Adopción: 1974 | ZMB-1974-M-65446

  4. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    National Service Act (No. 35 of 1971), as amended. - National Service Act

    Adopción: 1972-01-21 | ZMB-1972-L-66495

    Provides for establishment, maintenance, management and discipline of Zambia National Service. Divided into 15 parts. Part 1 (s. 1-2) contains preliminary provisions. Part 2 (s. 3) provides for establishment of Zambia National Service. Part 3 (s. 4-11) deals with members, servicemen, registration, enlistment and some related matters. Part 4 (s. 12-16) provides for postponement certificate, national hardship committee and exemption. Part 5 (s. 17-19) regulates secondment to service. Part 6 (s. 20-23) deals with units and ranks of the Service. Part 7 (s. 24-26) contains provisions regarding duties and employment of the Service. Part 8 (s. 27) deals with employer's obligations. Part 9 (s. 28-37) provides for discipline. Part 10 (s. 38-43) makes provision for miscellaneous offences. Part 11 (s. 44) deals with advisory committee; Part 12 (s. 45-47) with finances. Part 13 (s. 48) regulates pensions and gratuities. Part 14 (s. 49-50) contains miscellaneous provisions. Part 15 (s. 51-57) provides for dissolution of Zambia Youth Service Board.

  5. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Lands Acquisitions Act (No. 2 of 1970), as amended through 1994. - The Laws of Zambia, Vol. 12, 1996 Edition (Revised)

    Adopción: 1970-02-18 | ZMB-1970-L-66218

    Provides for compulsory acquisition of land and other property, as well as for some related matters. Also regulates compensation.

  6. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    State Security Act (No. 36 of 1969), as amended through 1985. - State Security Act

    Adopción: 1969-10-23 | ZMB-1969-L-66422

    Contains provisions regarding state security. Inter alia deals with espionage, sabotage, as well as other activities perjudicial to the interests of the state.

  7. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Prisons Act - Volume 7 - Prisons Act

    Adopción: 1966-10-31 | ZMB-1966-L-66205

    Comprehensive legislation on establishment of prisons, prison service, discipline of prison officers, and management and control of prisons and prisoners. Part 10 (s. 75-76) regulates employment of prisoners. Section 75 sets forth general requirement for prisoners to work. Also establishes that medical officer may excuse a prisoner from work or order that he perform light work. Women prisoners shall not be employed outside a prison except on the recommendation of a medical officer.

  8. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Employment Regulations (SI 370 of 1966). - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 1966 | ZMB-1966-R-107972

  9. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Emergency Powers Act, Cap. 108 (No. 43 of 1964). - Emergency Powers Act Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 1964-10-24 | ZMB-1964-L-66424

    Empowers President to make emergency regulations whenever an emergency proclamation is in force. President may make provision for detention of persons and restriction of movement. President may also authorise taking into possession or control of any property or undertaking; entering and search of any premise, as well as some other measures.

  10. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Defence Act (No. 45 of 1964), as amended through 1994. - Defence Act

    Adopción: 1964 | ZMB-1964-L-66425

    Comprehensive legislation on creation and maintenance of Zambian Defence Force. Divided into 11 parts. Part 1 (s. 1-7) contains preliminary provisions. Part 2 (s.8) establishes Defence Council. Part 3 (s. 9-12) deals with officers. Part 4 (s. 13-17) regulates enlistment and terms of service in regular force. Part 5 (s. 29-135) provides for discipline, trial and punishment in military service. Part 6 (s. 136-153) deals with appeals from courts-martial. Part 7 (s. 154-163) regulates forfeitures and deductions and enforcement of maintenance liabilities. Part 8 (s. 164-189) contains provision regarding government. Part 10 (s. 199-205) deals with reserve force; Part 11 (s. 206-215) with application of Act.

  11. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Preservation of Public Security Act (No. 5 of 1960), as amended through 1964. - Preservation of Public Security Act

    Adopción: 1960-03-04 | ZMB-1960-L-66423

    Empowers president to take certain measures for the preservation of public security. These include prohibition of publication and dissemination of matter perjudicial to public security; prohibition, restriction and control of assemblies; and prohibition, restriction and control of residence, movement and transport of persons. President may also require persons to do work and render services.

  12. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Juveniles Act, 1956 [No. 4 of 1956] (Cap. 53). - Juveniles Act

    Adopción: 1956-05-04 | ZMB-1956-L-66450

    Provides for custody and protection of juveniles in need of care, and for correction of juvenile delinquents. Divided into 6 parts. Part 1 (s. 1-2) contains preliminary provisions. Part 2 (s. 3-57) provides for protection of juveniles. Part 3 (s. 58-74) deals with juvenile delinquents. Part 4 (s. 75-108) contains administrative provisions; Part 5 (s.109-127) financial provisions, and Part 6 (s. 128-135) miscellaneous provisions.

  13. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Public Order Act (No. 38 of 1955), as amended through 1996. - Public Order Act

    Adopción: 1955-08-19 | ZMB-1955-L-66231

    Prohibits wearing of uniforms in connection with political objects as well as maintenance by private persons of associations of military or similar character. Also provides for some other matters related to preservation of public order.

  14. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Criminal Procedure Code (No. 23 of 1933) [as amended] - Volume 7. - The Laws of Zambia, Vol. 7, 1996 Edition (Revised)

    Adopción: 1934-04-01 | ZMB-1934-L-66445

    Regulates criminal procedure in Zambia. Divided into 12 parts. Part 1 (s. 1-3) contains preliminary provisions. Part 2 (2. 4-17) regulates powers of courts. Part 3 (s. 18-64) contains general provisions regarding criminal procedure. Parts 4 and 5 (s. 65-196) contain provisions relating to all criminal investigations. Part 6 (s. 197-221) regulates procedure in trials before subordinate courts. Part 7 (s. 222-252) sets forth provisions relating to committal of accused persons for trial before high court. Part 8 (s. 253-259) provides for summary committal procedure for trial; Part 9 (s. 260-302) for procedure in trials before high court. Part 10 (s. 303-320) deals with sentences and their execution. Part 11 (s. 321-351) regulates appeals. Part 12 (s. 352-360) contains supplementary provisions.

  15. Zambia - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Penal Code. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 1931-11-01 | ZMB-1931-L-66208

    Divided into 44 parts. Part 25 (s. 251-263) deals with offences against liberty. Provides for definition of kidnapping from Zambia, definition of kidnapping from lawful guardianship, definition of abduction, pusnishment for kidnapping, kidnapping or abduction in order to murder, kidnapping or abducting with intent to confine person, kidnapping or abducting in order to subject person to grievous harm or slavery, wrongfully concealing or keeping in confinement kidnapped or abducted person, kidnapping or abducting child under fourteen with intent to steal from its person, punishment for wrongful confinement, buying or disposing of any person as a slave, habitual dealing in slaves, and unlawful compulsory labour.

  16. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Special Economic Zones Act (Act No. 7/2016) [Chapter 14-34]. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2016-11-01 | ZWE-2016-L-104410

    AN ACT to provide for the establishment of the Zimbabwe Special Economic Zones Authority and to provide for the functions thereof; to provide for the constitution and functions of the Special Economic Zones Board; to provide for the establishment of special economic zones, and the administration, control, regulatory measures and incentives in connection therewith; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing. ENACTED by the Parliament and the President of Zimbabwe.

  17. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (General) Regulations, 2016 [S.I. 77 of 2016]. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2016-07-29 | ZWE-2016-R-104409

  18. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Labour Amendment Act, 2015 (No.5 0f 2015). - Legislation on-line Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2015-08 | ZWE-2015-L-101341

    The Act, inter alia, amends section 12 of the Act concerning termination of employment in order to protect workers from dismissal without benefits following a Supreme Court ruling on employment terminations in July 2015 allowing companies to terminate their employees' contracts of employment on three months notice without benefits.

  19. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Constitución

    Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act, 2013. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2013-05-22 | ZWE-2013-C-93498

    This Act repeals and replaces the existing Constitution of 1979. Its sets out the new Constitution in the Schedule to the Act.

    Chapter 1 - Founding Provisions
    Chapter 2 - National Objectives
    Chapter 3 - Citizenship
    Chapter 4 - Declaration of Rights
    Part 1: Application and Interpretation of Chapter 4
    Part 2: Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms
    Part 3: Elaboration of Certain Rights
    Part 4: Enforcement of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms
    Part 5: Limitation of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms
    Chapter 5 - The Executive
    Chapter 6 - The Legislature
    Chapter 7 - Elections
    Chapter 8 - The Judiciary and Courts
    Chapter 9 - Principles of Public Administration and Leadership
    Chapter 10 - Civil Service
    Chapter 11 - Security Services
    Chapter 12 - Independent Commissions Supporting Democracy
    Chapter 13 - Institutions to Combat Corruption and Crime
    Chapter 14 - Provincial and Local Government
    Chapter 15 - Traditional Leaders
    Chapter 16 - Agricultural Land
    Chapter 17 - Finance
    Chapter 18 - General and Supplementary Provisions

  20. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act [Chapter 9:24] (No.4 of 2013). - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2013 | ZWE-2013-L-101343

  21. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Act, 2012 (Act No. 2 of 2012) (Cap. 10:30). - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2012-10-12 | ZWE-2012-L-89593

    The purpose of this Act is to make provision for the powers and operation of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission.

  22. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Prisons (General) (Amendment) Regulations, 2011 (No. 9), SI 149/2011. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2011-12-23 | ZWE-2011-R-89595

    Sets out the dietary requirements for prisoners. The principle regulations, Prisons (General) Regulations, 2003 (S.I. 196/2003), are amended.

    Repeals the Prisons (General) (Amendment) Regulations, 2011(No. 8), published in Statutory Instrument No. 97 of 2011.

  23. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment (General) Regulations, 2010 (SI 21 of 2010). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2010-01-29 | ZWE-2010-R-85400

    Made under the Indigenisation and Empowerment Act [Chapter 14:33].

    1. Title and date of commencement.
    2. Interpretation.
    3. Objective of regulations.
    4. Every business to notify extent of present or future compliance with indigenisation.
    5. Approval and amendment of indigenisation implementation plans and prescription of thresholds and timeframes.
    6. Indigenisation of merged or restructured businesses.
    7. Indigenisation of unbundled or demerged businesses.
    8. Indigenisation where controlling interests in businesses are relinquished.
    9. Indigenisation of projected or proposed investments.
    10. Persons or parties responsible for submitting forms, making notifications, etc..
    11. Proof of compliance with Act.
    12. Extent to which procured goods and services are to be subcontracted to indigenous Zimbabweans.
    13. Indigenisation and empowerment assessment rating.
    14. Employee share ownership schemes or trusts.
    15. Identification of potential counterparties to notifiable transactions.
    16. Valuation of businesses where truth or accuracy of valuation disputed.
    17. Persons acting as fronts to be prosecuted.

  24. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    National Security Council Act (Act No. 2 of 2009). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2009 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2009-03-04 | ZWE-2009-L-85402

    Provides for the establishment, composition, functions and meetings of the Zimbabwe National Security Council.

  25. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Constitución

    Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 19) Act, 2008. - Bill on-line

    Adopción: 2008 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2009-02-13 | ZWE-2008-C-84787

    Makes a large number of amendments to the Constitution. In particular replaces Chapter II concerning citizenship; section 18 concerning public offer's functions to observe and uphold the law; section 23 concerning political rights; section 31G concerning the oath for members of Cabinet; section 41 concerning tenure of seats of members;
    section 57 concerning standing orders; sections 61 and 61A are repealed; section 109 concerning general provisions as to commissions; New Chapter XB is inserted concerning Other Independent Commissions; sections 108A and 108B are repealed; section 113 concerning interpretation; section 114 concerning transitional provisions.

  26. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Public Order and Security Amendment Act, 2007 (Act No. 18 of 2007). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2007 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2008-01-11 | ZWE-2007-L-85371

    Amends the Public Order and Security Act [Chapter 11:17], section 2 (interpretation) by inserting a new definitions. Also amends section 4 (regulating authorities), and replaces sections 23-27 and 29.

  27. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Amendment Act, 2007 (Act 20, 2007). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2007 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2008-01-11 | ZWE-2007-L-85408

    Amends section 2 of Cap. 10:27 (interpretation) and inserts new sections 38 (Establishment and composition of Zimbabwe Media Commission), 39 (Functions of Zimbabwe Media Commission), Part VIIA (Media Council) and makes a number of other minor amendments to the Act.

  28. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    National Biotechnology Authority Act (Act 3, 2006). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2006-09-01 | ZWE-2006-L-85413

    Establishes the National Biotechnology Authority whose function shall be to support and manage biotechnology research, development and application. Provides for the constitution of a board of the Authority, the establishment of the National Biotechnology Fund for the development of the products of biotechnology and the fixing of standards of quality and other matters relating to products of biotechnology produced in Zimbabwe.

  29. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Companies Amendment Act, 2006 (Act 5, 2006). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2006-09-01 | ZWE-2006-L-85414

    Amends section 8 of Cap. 24:03(Memorandum of company), section 14 (Signing of memorandum) and section 187 (Registration of directors and secretaries).

  30. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Labour Court Rules, 2006 (S.I. 59 of 2006) [Cap. 28:01]. - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2006-04 | ZWE-2006-R-73664

    Part I - Preliminary
    Part II - Service of Documents
    Part III - Determination of Matters by Labour Court
    Part IV - General

  31. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Domestic Violence Act [Chapter 5:16] (Act 14/2006). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2006 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2007-02-26 | ZWE-2006-L-85410

    PART I - Preliminary
    1. Short title and date of commencement.
    2. Interpretation.
    3. Meaning of domestic violence and its scope.
    4. Offence of domestic violence and acts excluded from its scope.

    PART II - Duties Of Police And Powers Of Arrest In Respect Of Domestic Violence
    5. Duties of police officers in relation to domestic violence.
    6. Arrest by police officer without warrant.

    PART III - Protection Orders
    7. Application for protection order.
    8. Determination of application.
    9. Issue of interim protection order.
    10. Issue of protection order.
    11. Contents of protection order.
    12. Application for revocation, variation or extension of protection orders.
    13. Issue of further copies of orders and warrants of arrest.
    14. Enforcement of protection orders.

    PART IV - Anti-Domestic Violence Counsellors And Anti-Domestic Violence Council
    15. Anti-domestic violence counsellors.
    16. Anti-Domestic Violence Council.

    PART V - General
    17. General provisions as to ofences.
    18. Special jurisdiction of local courts.
    19. Regulations.

  32. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Constitución

    Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 17) Act, 2005. - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2005-09-16 | ZWE-2005-C-72087

    Inserts new section 16A "Agricultural land acquired for resettlement and other purposes", a new section 33 on the Parliament and adds a new Part 2 in Chapter V entitled "The Senate".

    Amends sections 22 on "protection of freedom of movement", 23 on "protection from discrimination on the grounds of race, etc.", 31F on "vote of no confidence in Government", 38, 40, 40B, 41, 45 to 47, 52, 54, 61, 91, 113 and Schedules 3, 4 and 7.

  33. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Labour Amendment Act, 2005 (No. 7 of 2005). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2005 | ZWE-2005-L-72878

    Amends sections 2, 2A, 3, 11, 12, 12B, 12C, 13, 18, 23, 25, 29, 30, 40, 45, 48, 51, 63, 74, 76, 79, 81, 86, 89, 92A, 93, 98, 106, and 107 of the principal Act and repeals sections 22 and 97. It also substitutes new text into sections 19 and 83 and inserts new sections 82B (administration of Part XI), 90A (procedure and evidence in the Labour Court), and 92D (appeals to the Labour Court no provided for elsewhere in this Act). The Act also repeals section 56 of the Export Processing Zones Act [Chapter 14:07].

  34. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13]. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2004-01-21 | ZWE-2004-L-85404

    Provides for the Registrar General of Voters and constituency registrars. Makes provision for the registration of voters and for the lodging of objections thereto. Provides for the preparation, compilation and maintenance of voters rolls as well as the functions of the
    Zimbabwe Electoral Commission with respect to observers. Prescribes the residence qualifications of voters and the procedure for the nomination and election of candidates to and the filling in of vacancies in Parliament as well as the elections to the office of the President and local authority elections. Contain offences and penalties, and provides for the prevention of electoral malpractices in connection with elections. Establishes the Electoral Court and provide for its functions and make provision for the hearing and determination of election petitions.

    Repeals the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:01].

  35. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act [Chapter 9:23] (No. 23/2004). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2004 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2006-07-01 | ZWE-2004-L-72803

    The Roman-Dutch Criminal law no longer applies to the extent that this Code expressly or impliedly enacts, re-enacts, amends, modifies or repeals that law.
    Chapter I - Preliminary
    Chapter II - Elements of criminal liability
    Chapter III - Crimes against the State
    Chapter IV - Crimes against public order
    Chapter V - Crimes against the person
    Chapter VI - Property crimes
    Chapter VII - Crimes involving dangerous drugs
    Chapter VIII - Computer-related crimes
    Chapter IX - Bribery and corruption
    Chapter X - Crimes against law enforcement and public administration
    Chapter XI - Crimes against the administration of justice
    Chapter XII - Unfinalised crimes: threats, incitement, conspiracy and attempt
    Chapter XIII - Participation or assistance in the commission of crimes
    Chapter XIV - General defences and mitigating factors
    Chapter XV - Permissible verdicts
    Chapter XVI - General
    In addition to the Acts listed below which are found in NATLEX, the following Acts are also repealed: Aircraft (offences) Act [Chapter 9:01]; Concealment of Birth Act [Chapter 9:04]; Miscellaneous Offences Act [Chapter 9:15]; Miscellaneous Offences Act [Chapter 68 of the 1974 Revised Edition of the Laws]; Witchcraft Suppression Act [Chapter 9:19].

  36. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (Registration, Accreditation and Levy) Regulations, 2002 (S.I. 169C of 2002).

    Adopción: 2002-06-15 | ZWE-2002-R-62117

    Regulates application for registration of mass media services and news agencies, as well as application for accreditation of journalists. Also provides for application for renewal of registration and accreditation and for levy payable to Media and Information Fund. Schedules contain prescribed forms for application.

  37. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Public Order and Security Act [Chapter 11:17] (Act 1/2002, 6/2005). - Act on-line

    Adopción: 2002-01-22 | ZWE-2002-L-85399

    Part I - Preliminary
    Part II - Offences against Constitutional Government and Public Security
    Part III - Offences against Public Order
    Part IV - Public Gatherings
    Part V - Enforcement and Preservation of Public Order and Security
    Part VI - General

    Repeals the Law and Order (Maintenance) Act [Chapter 11:07].

  38. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, [Chapter 10:27]. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2002 | ZWE-2002-L-62408

    Comprehensive legislation on public's right to access to records and information held by public bodies. Part I contains general provisions. Part II regulates access to information, including modalities of request and response. Part III contains provisions regarding protected information. Part IV deals with information pertaining to third parties. Establishes requirement to notify third party if information concerned pertains to third party. Part V provides for collection, protection and retention of personal information, and Part VI for use and disclosure of personal information by public bodies. Part VII establishes Media and Information Commission, and regulates its functions and powers. Part VIII establishes Media and Information Fund. Parts IX and X deal with power of, and review by Commission. Part XI provides for regulation of Mass Media Services. Part XII deals with activities of journalists. Finally, Part XIII contains general provisions.

  39. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Labour Relations Amendment Act, 2002 (No. 17 of 2002).

    Adopción: 2002 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 2003-03-07 | ZWE-2002-L-63380

    Makes miscellaneous amendments to Labour Relations Act and Public Service Act. The Labour Relations Act is now to be cited as the Labour Act [Chapter 28:01]. Inter alia provides for extension of purpose of Labour Relations Act to include advancement of social justice and democracy in the workplace. Also makes provision for prohibition of forced labour; prohibition of sex discrimination; employment of young persons; duration, particulars and termination of employment contract; remuneration and deductions from remuneration; dismissal; retrenchment; sick leave and other types of leave; work councils; and Labour Court.

  40. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Anti-Personnel Mines (Prohibition) Act [Chapter 11:19]. - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2001-03-16 | ZWE-2001-L-101331

    To enable effect to be given within Zimbabwe to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction, signed at Oslo, Norway, on the 18th September, 1997.

  41. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Labour Relations Amendment Act, 2000 (H.B. 24 of 2000).

    Adopción: 2001-02-01 | ZWE-2001-L-58735

    Amends Labour Relations Act and Public Service Act on the basis of recommendations of the ILO. Makes provision for prohibition of forced labour and sexual harassment; employment of young persons; maternity leave; composition, procedure and functions of work councils; registration and certification of trade unions; settlement of labour disputes; collective bargaining agreements; as well as several matters concerning the Labour Court.

  42. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Criminal Penalties Amendment Act, 2001 (No. 22).

    Adopción: 2001 | ZWE-2001-L-62464

    Makes provision for increases in general level of fines in statutes through statutory instrument. Amends Section 3 of Interpretation Act and inserts new section in Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act. Also amends penalty provisions in a number of other acts.

  43. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Sexual Offences Act, 2001 (No. 8). - Legislation on-line

    Adopción: 2001 | ZWE-2001-L-64993

    Amends criminal law regarding sexual offences. Divided into 6 parts. Part 1 contains preliminary provisions. Part 2 deals with extra-marital sexual intercourse with young persons and severely intellectually handicapped persons, Part 3 with non-consensual sexual acts, and Part 4 with suppression of prostitution. Part 5 makes provision for prevention of spread of HIV. Provides for offence of deliberate transmission of HIV, testing of sexual offenders for HIV infection, and presumption regarding HIV infection. Part 6 contains general provisions.

  44. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Constitution Amendment Act (No. 16 of 2000).

    Adopción: 2000-04-06 | ZWE-2000-L-57551

    Amends the Constitution, providing for the compulsory acquisition of land and the creation of an Anti-Corruption Commission.

  45. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Electoral (Amendment) Regulations, 2000 (No. 7 of 2000).

    Adopción: 2000 | ZWE-2000-R-57386

    Makes provision for the appointment of election monitors and observers as well as for a code of conduct for election agents, polling agents, monitors and observers.

  46. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Otros textos (circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.)

    Electoral Act (Modification) Notice, 2000 (161B of 2000).

    Adopción: 2000 | ZWE-2000-M-57389

    Makes provision for reduction of minimum period between nomination day and polling day, postal voting, opportunity for employees to vote, and general penalty.

  47. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Preservation of the Constitutional Government (Repeal) Act, 1999 (No. 7 of 1999).

    Adopción: 1999 | ZWE-1999-L-57571

    Repeals the Preservation of Constitutional Government Act.

  48. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Ley

    Referendum Act (No. 24 /99).

    Adopción: 1999 | ZWE-1999-L-58145

    Regulates popular referenda in Zimbabwe. Deals with referendum proclamation, question or issue to be stated on ballot papers, persons entitled to vote, majorities necessary to decide questions at a referendum, declaration of results of a referendum, and appeals.

  49. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza

    Export Processing Zones (Employment) Rules, 1998 (S.I. No. 372 of 1998).

    Adopción: 1998-12-11 | ZWE-1998-R-52617

    Sets forth conditions of employment in export processing zones. Prohibits discrimination in employment and provides the right of membership in trade unions and the right to bargain collectively in export processing zones. Employees hired for three consecutive months shall be considered permanent employees. Sets forth benefits in case of death or injury, maternity benefit, hours of work, and overtime. Part V provides that workers may appoint workers' committees to represent them in trade unions, and Part VI provides for the establishment of Labour Boards which shall be empowered to settle disputes. Part VII provides the right to collective job action under specified circumstances. Occupational safety and health matters are addressed in Part VIII, which allows, inter alia, workers to stop work in face of a bona fide occupational hazard.

  50. Zimbabwe - Disposiciones generales - Constitución

    Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 15) Act, 1998.

    Adopción: 1998 | Fecha de entrada en vigor: 1998-06-30 | ZWE-1998-C-51619

    Amends definition of "special court" in s. 4(a) of Article 92 and dates of the fiscal year.

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