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Country: Yemen - Subject: Civil, commercial and family law

  1. Yemen - Civil, commercial and family law - Law, Act

    Law No. 15 of 2012 on the Protection of Copyright and Related Rights. - Legislation on-line in Arabic

    Adoption: 2012-07-22 | Date of entry into force: 2012-07-22 | YEM-2012-L-93262

    Chapter I: Title and Definitions
    Chapter II: Protected Works
    Chapter III: Copyright
    Chapter IV: The Financial Rights on Shared and Collective Works
    Chapter V: Owners of Related Rights (Performers, Producers of Broadcasting Organizations)
    Chapter VI: Term of Protection
    Chapter VII: Exceptions and Limitations on Financial Rights
    Chapter VIII: Procedures for the Deposit
    Chapter IX: The Protection of Folklore
    Chapter X: Managing the Financial Rights of Copyright and Related Rights
    Chapter XI: Provisional Measures, Limitations, Penalties and Compensation
    Chapter XII: General and Final Provisions

  2. Yemen - Civil, commercial and family law - Law, Act

    Law No. 22, 2004 amending Article 28 of Presidential Decree of Law No. 32, 1991 on Commercial Law.

    Adoption: 2004-09-29 | Date of entry into force: 2004-09-29 | YEM-2004-L-76248

    According to this amendment, foreigners are not allowed to create a company in Yemen, unless they have Yemeni partner. The Yemeni partner must hold at least 51% of the company. This Law does not apply to certain small businesses.

  3. Yemen - Civil, commercial and family law - Law, Act

    Civil Code (Law No. 14 of 2002).

    Adoption: 2002-04-10 | YEM-2002-L-67567

    Title I: General rules (sections 1-137)
    Tile II: Right and commitment (sections 138-450)
    Tilte III:Contracts (sections 451-1153)
    Chapter 6: Labour contract (sections 781-825)
    Part I: General rules
    Part II: Employee employed by one employer
    Part III: Employee employed by several employers
    Title IV: Property (sections 1154-1391)
    Final provisions: (sections 1392-1393)

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