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Country: United States of America - Subject: Fishers

  1. United States of America - Fishers - Law, Act

    Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Act of 1988. Public Law 100-424 (H. R. 1841).

    Adoption: 1988-09-09 | USA-1988-L-7057

    Amends title 46 of the U.S. Code in regard to safety standards for uninspected commercial fishing industry vessels, establishment of a Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Advisory Committee, fish processing vessel certification, accident data statistics, an inspection study, recovery of wages and fish under an agreement, and the seafarer's duty to notify the employer regarding illness, disability and injury (amended section 10603). Repeals section 3701(2) of 46 USC.

  2. United States of America - Fishers - Law, Act

    Fishermen's Protective Act: Reauthorization. Public Law 100-151 (H.R. 2893).

    Adoption: 1987-11-03 | USA-1987-L-4728

    Extends and amends in minor respects the Act of 20 Aug. 1987 temporarily restricting the ability to document foreign-built fish processing vessels under the laws of the United States (Public Law 100-111).

  3. United States of America - Fishers - Law, Act

    Harbors and Navigation [A.S.C.A. Title 20]. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1971 | USA-1971-L-105137

    The purpose of this chapter to establish certain standards for the protection and promotion of the health, safety and general welfare of people of the Territory of American Samoa; to encourage the orderly scheduling and safe operation of vessels in interisland and coastwise traffic in American Samoa and adjacent waters; to promote the public health, safety and general welfare by preventing unfair competition by and between vessels operating in American Samoa; to provide for fair and uniform rates, procedures, and regulations dealing with vessels operating in interisland and coastwise shipping in American Samoa and adjacent waters.

    01 (Reserved)
    02 Marine Inspection, Certification, License
    03 Boat Operations
    04 Regulation of Trade
    05 Abandoned and Derelict Vessels Act
    06-10 (Reserved)
    11 Harbor General Provisions
    12 Ports of Entry
    13 Pratique
    14 Pilotage
    15 Mooring and Unmooring
    16 Dockage and Wharfage
    17 Health and Safety

  4. United States of America - Fishers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Provisions of the Fair Labor Standard Act of 1938 Applicable to Fishing and Operations on Aquatic Products Rule (29 CFR Part 784)

    Adoption: 1970-08-11 | USA-1970-R-18606

    Amends Subpart A and B.

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