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Country: Slovakia - Subject: Labour codes, general labour and employment acts

  1. Slovakia - Labour codes, general labour and employment acts - Law, Act

    Act No. 248 of 15 June 2022, which amends the Labour Code (Act No. 311/2001 Coll.) as amended and some laws. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2022-06-15 | Date of entry into force: 2023-01-01 | SVK-2022-L-113673

    Contains provision, inter alia, on the seasonal work.

  2. Slovakia - Labour codes, general labour and employment acts - Law, Act

    Act No. 48/2011 amending the consolidated Act No. 311/2001 (Labour Code) and other relevant laws (Zákon, ktorým sa mení a doplna zákon c. 311/2001 Z. z. Zákonník práce v znení neskorsích predpisov a ktorým sa menia a doplnajú niektoré zákony) - Act on-line in Slovak

    Adoption: 2011-02-08 | Date of entry into force: 2011-04-01 | Date of gradual entry into force: 2011-06-06 | SVK-2011-L-87036

    Incorporates the EU legislation into the Slovak legal system.

    Amends the Labour Code in following way:
    - Article I codifies the right to free choice of employment, to fair and satisfactory working conditions and the right to be protected against arbitrary dismissal. It codifies the interdiction of discrimination in work relations.
    - Article 6, second sentence codifies protection of pregnant women and of mothers until 9 months after giving birth and breast-feeding mothers. The end of Article 6 states that the working conditions of women and men shall allow the exercise of the social function of education and care of the children.
    - Amends the anti-discriminatory provision in Section 13(2).
    - Also amends Section 157 dealing with the employer obligations towards a worker returning from maternity of paternity leave.
    - Amends following sections with regard to the collective bargaining at the European and national level: Sections 161, 166, 241 - 243. Adds section 243a. Amends sections 244-245 and adds Section 245a. Amends sections 246-249 and adds section 249a; amends Section 250 and adds sections 250a and 252f.

    The amendments of the Act No. 73/1998 on service of member of State Police, of the Act No. 200/1998 on service of customs officers, of the Act No. 315/2001 on Fire-fighters, the Act 365/2004 Non-discrimination Act, of the Act No. 246/2005 on service of professional soldiers and of the Act No. 200/2009 on civil service concern women during maternity leave. They forbid the dismissal, make them eligible for any improvement of work status as if they were working.

  3. Slovakia - Labour codes, general labour and employment acts - Law, Act

    Consolidated version of the Act No. 311/2001, Labour Code. - Act on-line in English

    Adoption: 2006-06 | SVK-2006-L-81000

    Consolidated version of the Labour Act year 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.

  4. Slovakia - Labour codes, general labour and employment acts - Law, Act

    Act No. 556/2001 amending the Act No. 387/1996 on employment.

    Adoption: 2001-11-29 | Date of entry into force: 2002-01-01 | SVK-2001-L-62161

    Regulates the practical training of persons up to 2 years after their schooling and publicly-funded community service posts for long-time unemployed persons.

  5. Slovakia - Labour codes, general labour and employment acts - Law, Act

    Labour Code (311/2001 Coll.). (Zákon Zákonník práce) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2001-07-02 | SVK-2001-L-61871

    Labour Code of Slovak Republic. Divided into 11 parts. Part 1 contains general provisions. Part 2 regulates employment relationship, including pre-contractual relations, employment contract, transfer, and termination of employment relationship. Part 3 provides for work time and rest periods. Part 4 makes provision for wages, average earnings, wage replacement and reimbursement of expenses. Part 5 deals with obstructions to work. Part 6 provides for labour protection and labour inspection. Part 7 deals with care of employees, including working conditions, employees' education, arrangement of working time, temporary incapacity, maternity leave and parental leave, overtime, working conditions for young workers and medical examination. Part 8 provides for compensation and damages. Part 9 deals with work performance agreement outside employment relationship. Part 10 contains provisions regarding collective labour relations, including trade union organisations, negotiation, right to information, and works council and works trustee. Finally, Part 11 contains transitional and final provisions.

  6. Slovakia - Labour codes, general labour and employment acts - Law, Act

    Act No. 297/1999 amending the Labour Code.

    Adoption: 1999-10-27 | Date of entry into force: 1999-12-01 | SVK-1999-L-56607

    Incorporates, inter alia, provisions concerning mass dismissals (s. 58a), and the protection of employees' claims in the event of employer's insolvency (sections 64a to 64f).

  7. Slovakia - Labour codes, general labour and employment acts - Law, Act

    Act No. 387/1996 on Employment (as amended).

    Adoption: 1996-12-11 | SVK-1996-L-48158

    Part 1: The Employment Policy Part 2: Activities of Labour Authorities in the Implementation of the Labour Market Policy Part 3: Participants of Juridical relations Part 4: Right to Employment Part 5: Records Maintained by the National Labour Office Parti 6: Unemployment Benefits Part 7: Unemployment Insurance Contributions Part 8: Economic management of the National Labour Office Part 9: The Active Labour Market Policy Part 10: Obligations of Employers Part 11: Employment of Citizens having their Permanent Residence in the Territory of the Slovak Republic by Foreign Employers and Employment of Aliens in the Slovak Republic Part 12: Information System, Publication of Data and Data Protection Part 13: Controlling Activities Part 14: Contributions to the Guarantee Fund and procedure in the settlement of claims from the Guarantee Fund. Part 15: Claims involved in bankruptcy and composition proceedings. Part 16: State supervision. Part 17: Joint, temporary and concluding provisions.

  8. Slovakia - Labour codes, general labour and employment acts - Law, Act

    Act No. 451/1992 providing for the Labour Code (Consolidated version of 1992).

    Adoption: 1992 | Date of entry into force: 1993-01-01 | SVK-1992-L-43870

    Comprised of 6 Parts and 280 Sections. Grants all citizens the right to work under satisfactory work conditions and the right to protection from unemployment, without discrimination on the basis of race, social origin, religion or trade union activity. Covers a broad range of labour matters including the creation, modification and termination of employment relations, work discipline and work regulations, hours of work, rest and leave, wages, safety and the protection of health at work. Specific provisions apply to women, young workers and household workers. Special terms are established for parallel employment relations, subsidiary work activities, agreements for work performed outside of employment relations and apprenticeship. Provides that trade unions shall participate in labour relations, including collective bargaining, and sets out procedures for the supervision and inspection of the observance of labour legislation. English translation available.

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