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Country: Slovakia - Subject: Occupational safety and health

  1. Slovakia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Act 67/1997 on the protection of non-smokers.

    Adoption: 1997-02-12 | Date of entry into force: 1997-07-01 | SVK-1997-L-56327

    Smoking shall be forbidden under certain circumstances during work and in working places. The prohibition of smoking in organisations is regulated by sections 133(13) and 135(2)(b) of the Labour Code (Zakonnik prace). Physical persons exercising commercial activity and moral persons shall create conditions for the protection of non smokers.

  2. Slovakia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Occupational Safety and Health Protection at Work Act (No. 330 of 1996).

    Adoption: 1996-10-25 | Date of entry into force: 1997-01-01 | Date of partial entry into force: 1998-01-01 | SVK-1996-L-51200

    Provides for the regulation of occupational health and safety matters, duties of employers, workers' representatives and safety committees, health services, rights and duties of workers, and training.

  3. Slovakia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Act No. 98/1995 of 9 March 1995 on medical rules.

    Adoption: 1995-03-09 | SVK-1995-L-42925

    Inter alia provides for preventive health measures to be taken in factories (regular check-ups for employees engaging in skin-damaging labour or any other dangerous work).

  4. Slovakia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Act on Health Care (No. 277 of 1994).

    Adoption: 1994-08-24 | Date of entry into force: 1995-01-01 | SVK-1994-L-68368

    Comprehensive legislation on provision of health care, organisation of health care, and rights and duties of natural and legal persons in implementing health care. Divided into 12 parts. Part 1 (s. 1-3) contains basic provisions. Part 2 (s. 4-16) regulates provision of health care. Part 3 (s. 17-27) deals with forms and organisation of providing health care. Part 4 (s. 28-36) regulates provision of health care in private health institutions. Part 5 (s. 37-49) makes provision for special health care. Part 6 (s. 50-53) regulates procedures in case of death. Part 7 (s. 54-56) deals with health workers and other professional workers in health services. Part 8 (s. 57-58) deals with achieving and developing new knowledge. Part 9 (s. 59-71) makes provision for natural balneotherapeutical spas and natural therapeutical springs. Part 10 (s. 72-73) provides for participation of professional organisations, professional corporations and civil congregations in providing health care. Part 11 (s. 74-78) regulates execution of state administration in the field of health. Part 12 (s. 79-81) contains common and final provisions.

  5. Slovakia - Occupational safety and health - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Ordinance No. 18/1994 of the Ministry of the Interior on health insurance.

    Adoption: 1994-01-11 | SVK-1994-R-40600

    Defines conditions and scope of health care as financed by the health fund of the Ministry of the Interior. Health care comprises of preventive measures, stomatological care, medication and medical assistance. Also contains provisions on health care for employees working in an environment with increased health risk.

  6. Slovakia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Act No. 272/1994 on protection of health of persons (consolidation).

    Adoption: 1994 | SVK-1994-L-65951

    Part 3, Section 12 defines inter alia obligations of employers concerning the health protection of their employees. Part 4, Sections 13a and 13b concerns healthy working conditions. Section 13n defines duties of employer for protecting employees against noise and vibration. Section 13o concerns protection against ionizing emissions. Sections 13p to 13v concern specifically occupational health.

  7. Slovakia - Occupational safety and health - Miscellaneous (circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.)

    Notification No. 78/1993 of the Ministry of Economic Affairs on health security in the production of explosives.

    Adoption: 1993-02-03 | Date of entry into force: 1993-02-03 | SVK-1993-M-40471

    Establishes the safety regulations in the production of explosives and during the working process. Only skilled employees are allowed to work with these materials. Once a year they must receive further training. Overtime and night work are prohibited except when the working process cannot be stopped. The minimum rest period is 12 hours.

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