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Country: Pakistan - Subject: Agriculture workers

  1. Pakistan - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Land Reforms Act 1977 (No. 2).

    Adoption: 1977-01-09 | PAK-1977-L-13343

    An Act to provide for further land reforms. Repeals the land Reforms Ordinance 1977 (No. II of 1977).

  2. Pakistan - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Co-operative Farming Act 1976 (No. 52).

    Adoption: 1976-07-24 | PAK-1976-L-13720

    An Act to provide for the formation, working and promotion of co-operative farming.

  3. Pakistan - Agriculture workers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Tea Plantations Labour Ordinance, 1962 (No. XXXIX of 1962). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1962-06-01 | PAK-1962-R-50118

    An Ordinance to provide for the welfare of labour, and to regulate tire conditions of work in tea plantations.

  4. Pakistan - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Sugar Factories Control Act, 1950 (N.W.F.P. Act XXII of 1950). - Unofficial English Translation Acts of Parliament on-line

    Adoption: 1950-04-11 | PAK-1950-L-84578

    1. Short title and extent.
    2. Definitions.
    3. Sugarcane Control Board.
    4. Constitution of the Board.
    5. Powers and duties of the Board.
    6. Appointment of Cane Commissioner.
    6-A. Appointment of Additional Cane Commissioner.
    7. Appointment of Inspectors.
    8. Notice of crushing.
    9. Estimate of quantity of cane required by factory.
    10. Declaration of reserved area.
    11. Survey of reserved area.
    12. Maintenance of register.
    13. Purchase of cane in a reserved area.
    14. Declaration of assigned areas and purchase of cane therein.
    14.-A. Power of Cane Commissioner to prohibit cultivation of unsuitable varieties of sugar-cane.
    15. Purchase of cane outside reserved area.
    16. Power of Provincial Government to fix minimum price.
    17. Licensing of purchasing agents.
    18. Distribution of seed cane by factories.
    19. Determination of "occupier" for purposes of this Act.
    20. Appointment and removal of factory staff.
    21. Penalties.
    22. Institution of proceedings.
    23. Power to make rules.

  5. Pakistan - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Cotton Industry (Statistics) Act, 1926 (No. XX of 1926). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1926-03-25 | PAK-1926-L-99444

    An Act to provide for the regular submission of returns of quantities of cotton goods manufactured and cotton yarn spun in Pakistan.

  6. Pakistan - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Cotton Ginning and Pressing Factories Act, 1925 (Act XII of 1925). - Unofficial English Translation

    Adoption: 1925-03-18 | PAK-1925-L-84575

    The purpose of this Act is to regulate cotton ginning and cotton pressing factories. The Act consists of 15 sections.
    Owners of cotton ginning factories and of cotton pressing factories shall keep registers containing records of all cotton ginned, number of bales pressed, serial numbers, etc. (sect. 3). These registers, upon request, shall be presented to the Pakistan Central Cotton Committee. Every bale pressed in the factory shall be marked with a serial number and with the mark prescribed for the factory (sect. 4). The owner of every cotton ginning and pressing factory shall submit to the prescribed authority weekly reports specifying the total number of bales of cotton pressed or the quantity of cotton ginned during the preceding week and from the commencement of the season to the end of that week, and the approximate average net weight of the bales pressed in that week (sect. 5). Sections 7 and 8 deal with matters related to liabilities of lessees as owners and liability on the transfer of ownership. Section 9 provides for structural requirements for factories. The remaining sections deal with penal provisions and with the rule-making power of the Provincial Government.

  7. Pakistan - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Cotton Cess Act, 1923 (No. XIV of 1923). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1923-03-16 | PAK-1923-L-99443

    An Act to provide for the creation of a fund for the improvement and development of the growing, marketing and manufacture of cotton.

  8. Pakistan - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Cotton Transport Act, 1923 (No. III of 1923)k - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1923-02-23 | PAK-1923-L-99445

    An Act to provide for the restriction and control of the transport of cotton in certain circumstances.

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