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Country: Montenegro - Subject: Constitutional law

  1. Montenegro - Constitutional law - Law, Act

    Act of 26 February 2015 on Constitutional Court (Text No. 248). (Zakon o Ustavnom sudu) - Sluzbeni List Crne Gore

    Adoption: 2015-02-26 | Date of entry into force: 2015-03-19 | MGO-2015-L-102216

    Regulates election of judges, termination of function, organization and procedures.

  2. Montenegro - Constitutional law - Law, Act

    Decision of 31 July 2013 on Amendments I to XVI to the Constitution (Text No. 843). (Odluka o proglasenju amandmana I do XVI na ustav Crne Gore) - Sluzbeni List Crne Gore

    Adoption: 2013-07-31 | Date of entry into force: 2013-08-02 | MGO-2013-C-95161

    Amendments include criminal sanctions, selection of members of the Supreme Court, Parliament voting procedure, the Court Council, and on the Constitutional Court.

  3. Montenegro - Constitutional law - Law, Act

    Act of 29 July 2011 on financing of political parties (Text No. 23-2/11-7/25 EPA 633). (Zakon o finansiranju politickih partija.) - Text in Montenegrin

    Adoption: 2011-07-29 | MGO-2011-L-89355

    Determines the process of obtaining financial means for regular work and election campaigns, and control of this process.

  4. Montenegro - Constitutional law - Constitution

    Constitution of the Republic of Montenegro, 2007. (Ustav Crne Gore) - Constitution on-line Constitution on-line in English Constitution on-line Constitution on-line

    Adoption: 2007-10-19 | MGO-2007-C-78709

    Consists of VIII parts:
    Part I contains basic provisions, establishing Montenegro as an independent state, and includes provisions of state symbols, human rights, citizenship, language, separation of religion from matters of state, relation with other states.
    Part II deals with human rights and their legal protection, including dignity of person, prohibition of death penalty, legal procedures, political rights and liberties, freedom of expression and media, economic, social and cultural rights, right to work, prohibition of forced work, right to strike, social security, protection of consumers, protection of children and right to education, and minority rights.
    Part III contains provisions for government organization, including assembly, president, government, state and local administration, and judicial system.
    Part IV deals with economic organization
    Part V with legality and constitutionality of laws
    Part VI with Constitutional Court of Montenegro
    Part VII with changes of the Constitution
    Part VIII with constitutional law for the passing of Constitution

  5. Montenegro - Constitutional law - Constitution

    Constitution of the Republic of Montenegro, 1992 [consolidated version].

    Adoption: 1992-10-12 | YUG-1992-C-64428

    Divided into 6 parts. Part 1 contains basic provisions. Establishes that Montenegro is a "democratic, social and ecological state". Montenegro is a member of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and is sovereign "in all matters which it has not conferred to the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Part 2 provides for basic freedoms and rights; Part 3 for organisation of the State. Part 4 sets forth principle of constitutionality and legality. Part 5 deals with amendment of Constitution. Part 6 contains final provisions.

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